Ancient Egyptian Temple Healing

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This healing is a sacred modality that I got attuned to on my trip to Egypt by an Ancient Egyptian Temple Healer master. It is the most powerful energy healing I have ever experienced and it changed my life when I received it and became attuned to practice it. 

This healing modality uses the energetic manifestations of the seven main ancient egyptian gods and goddesses. Moving through each energy center in the body to help your mind, body and spirit clear, align and activate. Using pyramid energy and the vibrational forces of the ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses. 

This powerful energy healing affects everyone differently but raises your vibration and helps with the releasing of deep energetic attachments and energies that no longer serve where you are at now and where you will be going. 

You will have pyramid energy flowing through you to align and balance your entire being. As I've said before, this healing is powerful. This healing is powerful because we are powerful. It is a sacred modality that I've not shared publicly until I received the message that it is now okay to do so. This energy healing is protected, and the universe bends to the will of both you the healer of self and I the portal or anchor the energy flows through. 

You may receive this healing many times if you wish, but I have found one session has been enough for myself and others. 

This healing is done via video chat in Zoom or Facebook Messenger. The session is usually 45 minutes long. I will guide you through visualizations as I send pyramid energy to you and at the end we will chant and do hand movements to conclude and integrate. I will provide further instructions after the session. 

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