Ancestral Nectar: A Remembrance Oil

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Creosote (Larrea tridentata) harvested on Ostara, she was happy to be in service, and her words to me were "I will help you to remember my medicine." Referring to us all.

Older than redwoods, and one of the oldest living organisms on this planet, dating back to the ice age. These wise crones inhabit the desert and grows in abundance, they grow very slowly, and are very old. This beautiful plant ally gives the desert a specific smell that all desert dwellers know when rain comes, giving it the characteristic of "smelling like rain". Its pungent scent fills the entire desert with its therapeutic aroma. It is a smell that those within the desert sometimes take for granted but are truly blessed to experience.

This plant ally experiences time in all its forms, lengths and cycles. Its root go deep, deep into the earth, far beyond what most plants can reach. This plant carries the earth's history, our ancestry within its very own DNA. It knows what has been, and what is to come.

Creosote is a master at adaptation and can help us adapt and persist through any hardships. The adaptations the creosote has, allows it to live where nothing else can, allowing us to explore places no one else can go, with the guidance and protection of creosote. Creosote provides great protection spiritually, energetically, and physically.

Cultures in the past have used Creosote for cuts, burns, and scrapes. They used it to retard bacteria growth, as an emetic, expectorant, and a diuretic. Its been used for stiff sores, limbs, skin ailments, snake bites, menstrual cramps, and chicken pox. Not too long ago, it was being used as a preservative for foods.

It has a compound that is antioxidant is believed to suppress the formations of free radicals in bodily cells which promotes longevity. It has been proven to possess analgesic, antiseptic, antiviral, and antibiotic properties.

Mugwort (artemisia vulgaris) is a wonderful plant, seen as a weed in some places, but has extremely beneficial medicine and energetic benefits. Mugwort's name comes from the Greek goddess Artemis, a patron of women, fertility, creativity, witchcraft, and psychic ability. Though this ally has been used and serves women well in its healing, it does much more for all people.

Mugwort is a gateway plant. It opens doors to other realms and consciousness and brings deep wisdom and healing to all. It has long been used for smudging for its ability to deeply cleanse, clear, and protect from psychic attacks and negative energy. It's used by witches and mystics to promote psychic ability and receive prophetic and spiritual dreams. It is heavily associated with magic, and the minds eye and spiritual/psychic abilities. Mugwort shows us the wisdom of the unseen within ourselves.

Mugwort opens the chambers of our mind that holds ancient memory and brings to our dreams visions of both past and future. Mugwort clears out the dust and cobwebs within our minds and within our space and physical body. Mugwort helps us ground and center, and heightens our extrasensory perception. She allows us to be omnipresent.

Mugwort is a very wise plant ally and sinks deep into the creases of the mind and body and brings wisdom and healing as well as physical relief. This plant ally brings us back to ourselves, opens the gateway for us to tap into ancient ancestral knowledge, and be divinely guided by its and the ancestors wisdom and the wisdom of the universe, as well as protecting us deeply, providing comfort and love needed at any point on our journey.

This oil is meant to wrap our entire being in a blanket of ancestral love. "You are not alone. You are safe. We are in this together." This oil connects us to our ancestors that were connected with the earth and divine, helping us to remember what they knew. Remembering, connecting to, and harnessing our roots. The ancient wisdom that lies within our very own DNA. Our lineage and culture that connected all of humanity and existence at a distant time. This oil connects us to the ancestors that worked on this planet to bring our mission to be. You are not the first to do as you do now, to be passionate for what you are passionate about, it is in your blood. Somewhere along the way we just forgot, and now here this oil is brought to you as an ally, the one who reclaims the knowledge and wisdom that is rightfully yours.

This oil not only helps us connect to our bloodline, but to the earth ancestors. The knowledge and wisdom that is held within each cell of every plant here on earth. Creosote is a great one of them. Remembering earth wisdom, connecting deeply with life and its beauty. Remembering what we have forgotten and sinking deep into home. Connecting to life on earth, and life beyond.

Each use of this oil will bring a new lesson, a new remembrance, and will peel back the layers of disconnection that have developed over time. Leaving only magic, beauty, love, wisdom and connection that brings inner peace and contentment. Through this herbal oil we remember what our ancestors knew, and connect deeply to our sacred earth home and the divine, supported and fed through the guidance and wisdom that comes from the ancestral nectar within.


*2OZ pump glass bottle*

To use: during ritual, meditation, ancestor connection, family gatherings, plant walks, nature hikes, place this oil on the third eye and temples.

For daily connection, rub all over entire body, and sit a few moments in silence, open to any realizations that are meant for you at the time.

To receive messages and gnosis through dreams, rub the feet and forehead with oil before bed.

For divine and ancestral connection, love, protection, and comfort, intentionally rub and massage over chest area.

Use as guided and called to.

Ingredients: olive oil, wildcrafted creosote (Larrea tridentata), mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris).

For external use only. Store in a cool, dark area. Use within 2 years.

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