All Purpose Tealight Trio

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All Purpose Tealight TrioThis set is perfect for meditations, bath rituals, starting your day, setting intentions, just relaxing, studying, etc! Each candle serves its purpose to bring you the energy its alchemically infused with. 

The first of the candles is the Positivity Candle. This candle is infused with orange, rosemary and lemon, with orange and calendula flower bits. This candle can be lit to bring in success, happiness and joy. It is good for when you need a little boost of positivity. 

The second candle is the Healing Candle. This candle provides over all healing and comfort. Infused with all spice and gunpowder green tea, along with eucalyptus, and lavendar. Providing healing for all aspects of the Self and area in which it is lit. 

The third candle is the Spirituality Candle. This candle calls in good energy, and good fortune, as well as good and high vibrational spirits such as spirit guides. It allows the spiritual aspect to be explored and healed, also providing protection in all areas. This candle can be used for divination and enhancing psychic abilities. 

Alchemically infused with rose hips, bay leaves, peppercorn and vanilla, cypress and jasmine. Each candle is made with pure organic soy wax and 100% pure essential oils and herbs. This item is completely vegan, natural, organic and chemical free. 

This listing is for 3 All Purpose Tealight candles.

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