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A powerhouse for spiritual energy and vortex portal of divine knowledge, wisdom attunements and connection Ajna Nectar is a body anointing silk that anchors in divine energy and third eye activations so you can receive guided insights, knowledge and wisdom from the divine and open the gateway to your innate inner soul knowledge and wisdom. 

Creating a sacred aura that welcomes your highest self and energies you choose to work with. Setting the tone and intention for divination and fortune telling. Wearing this Nectar you will carry the energy of clarity, calm, mysticism, and magick. You may receive vivid prophetic dreams, and visions of different dimensions or simple knowings of the of the past, present, or near future. 

Ajna Nectar opens the third eye and allows you to carry the violet and indigo flames and tap into the highest knowings. A body Nectar fit for witches, mystics, psychics, magicians, alchemists, healers, and those who wish to step into their innate power to be as such. 

This Nectar is created with butters such as shea butter  and oils such as coconut oil and herbal infused grape seed and hemp seed oil. all of which deeply nourish the skin, and provide essential nutrients for healthy radiant skin. along with skin safe toxin free crystal powder that will leave a subtle shimmer. Created with the aroma of sweet tobacco, jasmine and sandalwood, for grounding and anchoring in spiritual energy, honoring spirit, and being fully protected. As well as being fully immersed in divine third eye energy itself. Full power activated, balanced and protected.  

The magick in this Body Nectar cannot be denied. It is powerful and potent. The Body Nectar has an option to have a blue apatite crystal to accompany it and you on your journey through the realm of the Ajna Chakra. This crystal will help to further activate your third eye, and assist with calm and clarity, truth, astral projection, psychic connection, telepathy, and much more. 

May melt in high temperatures but will harden in cold temperatures. Use with clean, dry hands. Allow for 10 minutes for full absorption. 

This listing is for Ajna Nectar. Organic, vegan, toxin free, cruelty free, natural, skin safe, no B.S. 

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