Sexuality is so much more than we’ve ever been taught. Sexuality is more than penetration and climax. Our sexuality has been abused, manipulated, shamed, hidden, objectified, and used. Sexuality is seen as something that is naughty and to be hidden in secrecy. Sexuality exists without conditioned beliefs and responses to it. Our sexuality has been repressed and the majority of our sexuality lays dormant. The media portrays sexuality in a manner that causes us to be shameful of our bodies, and that it and our sexuality is only to be used as a tool and objectified. Menstruation is to be hidden, and even cease to exist. Our coming into sexuality known as puberty is seen as a nuisance and time to just get over or change. Anything beyond simple sex is taught to be forbidden, disgusting, shameful, and inhumane. The giving away of our sexual force and power is condoned by forces that wish to diminish it, and we freely hand over this incredible, powerful and sacred force of nature. Were taught that we must be the best, sexuality is a competition and is coated in insecurity. Society has been conditioned to believe sexuality goes no further than sex, through penetration. Its become another fast paced unfulfilling experience in our modern world. It is so much more than we have been taught.

Sexuality is a powerful force of passion, humanity, love, expression, strength, vulnerability, balance, beauty, understanding, wholeness, duality, safety, trust, acceptance, true and pure joy, manifestation, dance, flow, peace, ecstasy and bliss. It is the brush of the wind on heated skin. It is the gentle touch of the person whom you trust. It is the push and pull of existence. The duality of life and death as lovers for all eternity. Its the waters of the ocean and the blood from the womb. Its the driving force of dreams and power behind manifestation. Its the dance if two lovers in a lifetime learning to play in each other’s soul flow. Its the driving force of manifestation. The encompassing energies of all things. Its the creative force behind ideas, thoughts and joy. The dance of the earth, the sun, the moon with perfect harmony. The nature of creation. Sexuality is in all things. It is the very life of all things.

Sexuality is how we express who we are, what we want, our drives, our dreams, our purpose. It is how we learn, our ability to taste, hear, smell, touch, breathe. Sexuality is all encompassing focus, presence and bliss. It is an immediate connection to our eternal bliss and divinity. Everything we have been taught about sexuality, it is the exact opposite.

The repression of our sexuality has kept us from being the true expression of our god and goddess nature. We have been depleted of our sexuality seeking to find and fill the hole with attempts to control, shame, or take another’s sexual energy. We’ve repressed it by blocking our sexual instincts, and desires due to absorbing the false information given to us about sexuality. However the yearning remains, as we yearn to be whole. The solution to fill the yearning of the gaping hole illusion is by expressing our true and authentic being in our sexual nature. Our divine sexual nature as humans. Being vulnerable, authentic, present and open. Tapping into what this force really is and diving deep into the elements of it. Fear keeps us from our true expression and nature, and this is not inherently our faults, it’s not to bring guilt or shame, or even further neglect and abandonment, but rather power, and drive. Presence and acceptance.

The sexual nature is a whole dimension on it’s own. Most have yet to understand or even open up to it. Some have experienced only pieces of it. Its time now in existence for the sexual nature to be released from its cage and chains and run wild and free. Its time to dance and experience harmony, joy, bliss, ecstasy, peace, wholeness and love in their true forms once again. This is done by opening up the chamber doors to our sexuality, releasing all that has been thrown onto it to cover it up, and allowing it to emerge, flourish and play. Surrendering to the waves of sexuality.

Your existence here is so much more than you were ever taught and so much more than your mind could ever know. It is time to experience it. We’ve given our sexual power away for too long, its time to take charge of it. Express your sexuality. Feel the dance of existence. The bliss of wholeness. The joy in harmony. The ecstasy in authenticity and vulnerability. The power in true strength, control and presence. The oneness in duality. Experience raw ecstasy within, and experience it throughout your life.

Sexuality Set

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