Removing Negativity From Your Home

With the new year coming up we are wanting to prepare for a fresh start in every aspect of our lives, to bring in new beginnings, a clean slate, and abundance in all desirable things. However, we must first clear out the baggage and muck that lingers from the past year!

The methods being given in this article are not just for the new year. These methods can be used whenever you need to clear out negativity from any space you need it during any time you need it. They are also budget friendly! The methods will be given in steps, but feel free to do them in any order that resonates and feels best for you, even modify or leave out steps if needed! Now, further adu…

Step 1: Cleaning!

Everyones favorite. Cleaning the physical junk. It may seem almost pointless to some, but whether we realize it or not, old energy gets stuck and stagnant. Especially negative energy likes to stay where there is chaos, so this means piles of clothes, areas where there is a lot of dust and clutter, etc. Those who do Feng Shu are aware of this but we don’t necessarily need to go that far to clear out the energy. We just need to tidy up a bit. Doing dishes, laundry, sweeping, dusting etc. Something so mundane is actually something SO effective. Even though it can be a drag to even think about, it cleanses and purifies the physical energy, allowing energy to flow, which makes it so worth it.

Step 2: Shifting the Energy!

Now, this isn’t always necessary but it greatly helps those who are seriously struggling with lingering energy that is just not going away (along with using all of these methods).

Moving furniture around! What this does is lifts the energy up that has settled with whats been left in one spot for a long period of time. It changes the energy of the home entirely to be transformed into something new, and allows the energy of welcoming positive change into the area. Even if you just move, say, your curtains on one window, to another. As much as we like to have things the way we want them, and it may not seem right at first, it allows us to surrender control to the higher powers of good and invite those energies in.

Step 3: Cleansing!

Cleaning and cleansing are different things, as one is more physical and one is more, mental, emotional or spiritual. This is the step where we bring out the sweetgrass, sage, palo santo, cedar, or whatever you so choose to cleanse the space! The native culturs used this exact method to cleanse and bless spaces, people and things. This method is still used today very widely within the spiritual community.

If you don’t have either of the above, grab some salt, water, and essential oils and put it in a spray bottle to set your intention of cleansing negativity and spray away!

With any of these, be sure you go around your entire house in a counterclockwise direction to get rid of negativity. Open your windows to let the smoke and excess energy out.

All of the energy you just shifted and moved around, and brought up into the air by all the cleaning and moving, is still there and now needs to me either transmuted (next step) or cleansed! The energy will follow the smoke of any herb you use out the windows and be sent out by the element of air and fire to be turned into something that serves. With the sprays, it will use the element of water and earth to latch onto the energy particles and change it into positive ions.

Step 4: Transmuting!

The step of transmuting can be used either instead of or to compliment the cleansing step. With this method we use visualization, power of word, and our ability to change our reality into what we desire.

Here, you can go into meditation or simply picture the excess energy being changed from dark mist, into pure white light. In any way that resonates with you, is perfect! Either way, it works. You can picture the dark energy being sent out into the universe to be transmutted into love, or you can picture it being sent into the earth to be changed into something nurturing for all beings.

At this point you can use any affirmations or incantations to remove any energy that still remains. Simply by saying “this home is now completely cleansed and cleared of any and all negative energy” will sure do the trick, even without visualization!

Step 5: Replacing the energy!

This is the most important part of any cleansing and releasing process, replacing the energy. With everything cleared and cleansed, the space is empty and ready to be filled with anything that enters it. So instead of allowing all that negative energy to come back in, we bring in and invite positive energy to stay instead.

This process can also be done with visualization. You can picture white light coming from both the earth and the divine filling every crevice and space in your home, then seeing it lock into place to keep all negativity out.

It can also be done while using the cleansing methods above by setting the intention to both cleanse, and replace the energy. As well as using the incantations or affirmations along the lines of “I now call in all energy of pure love and light to remain in this space now to transmute all negativity into love/light/etc”. Again, whatever you are drawn to say, say it. Your soul knows whats necessary at this time for your ultimate happiness and protection. Speaking of protection…

Step 6: Protecting the Space!

Another extremely important step in any negativity removing process of any kind. Just like in the methods above with visualization, affirmations and cleansing, it can all be done at once! By simply setting the intention to cleanse, replace, and protect the home and energy that is here now!

This can also be done in an entirely seperate process to the cleansing and cleaning steps.

You can at this time call in your guides, God source or whoever you feel protection from to come and protect your space now. You can place crystals in the corners of your home that are associated with protection. As well as calling in all elements, and/or the four directions to protect every part of your home and to remove anything you may have missed. Anything you feel works in protecting you, and your space, do it at this time.

Thats it! You can either add your own steps and methods, change it around, or do something completely different for the process of removing negative energy in your home, or any space or area! The process is entirely personal and as long as you feel the job is done, it is. This is simply a reference guide to build a foundation off of or get some tips and tricks. May you enjoy your new blissful space of peace, clarity, harmony, and birth of an abundance of all good things!

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