Reiki DNA Activation

DNA Activation and programming is a huge topic in this day in age between channelers, lightworkers, starseeds, and many others. This is because everyone is finally waking up in huge numbers. The New Earth of divine love is coming into fruition as we all begin to remember who we are and what we came here for. 

Not everyone has, and will take the path towards the light. However, for those who simply don’t know, that is where lightworkers and healers come in. 

Our DNA is a multidimensional double helix within our cells. DNA tells our bodies exactly what it needs to do. Its responsible for the construction of our body, and has data storage and communication. 10% is being used to build proteins while the rest is usually dormant. As scientist call it “junk DNA”. 

However, this DNA isn’t junk at all. This DNA is just simply misunderstood and isn’t being used because of our dense level of consciousness. 

We go through life with energetic blockages, which feel like chaos. We have depression, disease, anxiety, illness of all different kinds. This is caused by our environments, our foods, our conditioning and many other things. 

Reiki DNA Activation removes the blockages and allows us to become more receptive to the healing frequencies coming from the Divine. Reiki DNA reprograms the DNA blueprint to its original pure form a little at a time, (as all at once could cause more damage than good) until we embody our Divine selves. 

With this form of Reiki, it sends the Quantum Nutrients from the Divine and your Higher Self, shifting your DNA in alignment with your Higher self to reach full activation. Then it helps ground these higher frequencies into your body. Like connecting wires to equipment. 

This DNA activation is essential to the Ascension process. DNA activation brings joy, creativity, authentic self expression, and you move beyond limitation of the human form. It merges the left and right brain (which is how it is designed to be) connecting us with the abilites that have been dormant for decades. Such as: 

  • The “clairs” being activated — clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience etc. 
  • Astral projection 
  • Seeing into other dimensions 
  • Telepathy
  • Reverse aging 
  • Force Field – ability to use the aura for defense and protection.
  • The ability to manifest increases 
  • Biokinesis – ability to control genes in the body to alter your look.
  • Psychometry – to gain information by touching objects.
  • Telekinesis – ability to move things with your mind.
  • Bi-location – ability to be two places at once.
  • Etc. Etc. Etc. 

The list goes on and on! We are limitless multidimensional beings and when we are fully activated and aligned with our higher self we have limitless potential. However, those who come from a place of hate and power will NOT be able to receive this. Reiki DNA comes from a place of pure and divine love and negativity will only block our abilities. As that is what has blocked it in the first place. 

If you need help grounding your DNA freqencies being received or need help activating your DNA take a look in the SHOP section of this sight. If you need to know more, go to the ABOUT section. 
May we always be on the inner quest. Namaste ~~

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