Psychic Impressions Reading


Psychic Impression reading allows the client to receive guidance for the present, answers for the future, awareness of the past and any other form of question the heart desires other than the questions not answered (info below). This service can help with guidance and insight into the future and my present or past issue or circumstance. It can give insight to spiritual enlightenment and gifts.

What to keep in mind: Know the law of attraction is always in action. One can receive and outcome of the future and still have it changed due to the thoughts, feelings and emotions we hold towards it whether we are aware of them or not. This can also be talked about with the psychic to help better figure out how to have the desired outcome.

Questions NOT answered by psychic Cici:

When will I (or someone else) die?

Am I pregnant? (or Any other pregnancy question)

Any question in regards to doing harm to anyone or anything.


Thank you for being on your path to self realization and mastery and searching for the light. If there are any questions and concerns please email

2 thoughts on “Psychic Impressions Reading

  1. Luann Sapp says:

    Hello and merry meet this is Lu I am in need of spiritual help with finding my own Angels and spirit guides to help me along I stumble and I would like someone to show me where to go from here husband does not want me doing this but it’s my purpose so please be ever so kind to help me, in bright blessings and love

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