My Rebirth By Bath

This morning I had the most magical, medicinal, blissful bath of my life. As an herbalist, I use many herbal infused oils for all my products. I typically have plant matter left over that I use for compost, I haven’t really ever used it for anything else. However, I decided to keep all my plant matter from the oils and put it in one big container, then this morning I grabbed a few handfuls of it and put it in a nice hot bath.

I purposefully put a bunch, wanting to be surrounded in the plant medicine, but mostly by following my intuition. As always, it was not wrong.

Sitting in the bath I immediately got taken into a realm of wisdom, magic and pure humanity.

I felt my skin begin to hold onto the oils and the plant spirits swirl around me. I used the plant matter as a scrub and scrubbed my entire body. The plants began to release the last bit of their medicine and with each moment I was being taken deeper. The bath has enough herbs that it turned the water into tea and from there I was taken into a portal of plant spirit medicine.

The plants and alchemy I infused into each herbal oil began to speak to me. They spoke of ancient queens who bathed in such herbs and it was the finest medicine of the kingdom. They spoke to me of first spirits and elder fairies who knew of the river plant medicine and bathed in it nourishing their deep connection to nature. Of being held in a womb of nourishment. Whispering to me wisdom of being open minded, present, and limitless. Each vision I was being shown, I was this. I was the queen, I was the forest spirit, elder fairy, I was inside the womb of creation.

Then when i felt the time was up, scooping the herbs and botanicals out of the water I gave thanks to them for the journey and wisdom they selflessly gave.

At no point did i feel “gross”, even as I stood up from the water covered in a thick film of oil. It was all part of the process. This deeply spiritual bath. I used Herbal Body Wash and cool water to wash the excess oil that had not been absorbed into my skin and I received a vision of bathing under a waterfall being purified, cleansed and prepared to be set on the new path.

Getting out of the bath I dried my body and I felt like i completely transported into another realm (i did) and came back here reborn. I felt alive, vibrating from within and full of bliss. Bliss that radiated outward, and affected my choices for this day, and perhaps the week or month, we will see.

I was so blissed out I had to lay down for a little bit and absorb what happened. It was deeply magical and profound.

To some, I just bathed in a bunch of seemingly gross plant goop, diving too deep into a “trend” that is bathing for self love. However, if I had felt this way about doing something like this I would have never even began to experience this incredible plant spirit medicine. As there is no other way to have this particular experience.

This experience in fact, moved me so much that I am now plotting a way to get this to you all. I want everyone to experience this, all parts of it, in the way I did even if it is different. Perhaps a scrub or bath mix of all the excess herbal plant matter left over from the herbal oils? Who knows, but I know it will come to me.

Besides that, I wanted to share this with everyone because this was an incredible, medicinal, blissful birthing process. I highly recommend not knocking something before you try it yourself. I mean really try it, be present with it, and you may just be swept off your feet entirely.

I have definitely found a new addition to my spiritual practices, probably only doing this bath once a month for deep plant spirit medicine.

I know this is long, but thank you for reading my experience. I suppose the overall message is that I am forever grateful for my existence as an alchemist, as nature’s alchemist, and for the plant allies and nature that so selflessly gives and with so much love, so thank you Mother Nature for all that you are. And thank you to everyone who makes The Inner Essence possible, and gives me the opportunity to bring alchemy into all of our lives. 🖤✨

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