It’s Time To Change

Everything is in your favor.

Is it?

Well.. that is up to you.

Do you spend your days seeing everything around you as a punishment or see everything as a means to an end? If your answer is yes then this is exactly what it will be. If you don’t already know by now, you create your own reality by your thoughts, feelings, and actions. If you are tired of all of what seems like madness internally and externally, then change yourself. Pour love into ALL aspects of your being. Begin to see yourself as worthy of all you are seeking. Then, you will see how in favor everything is for you.

If you are working against yourself, then everything else will to. This will be the vibration you put off. If we believe all is against us, we are resistant to what we are actually wanting. We don’t want to feel miserable because it is not our natural state. We only remain in this resistance because of fear, and lack. Realize when it comes from inside of you, you have nothing to be afraid of because then, you are in control; it cannot be taken away from you.

Find what makes you happy, and focus on that, without fear. Stop being afraid, release your grip on the attachment to the conditioning and fear-based programming. It is time for you to step into your power. You are powerful, even now as you read this the gears in your head are shifting and you are transforming your reality.

If you feel like all is against you, realize that you are using your personal power for this. You are using your ability to create your reality, to create one that makes you miserable. Change it. One step at a time, in the moment, in the NOW…change it. See where you are afraid, and fill it with love and embrace it and then release it. See where you are blocking yourself, figure out why, see how silly it is, and release it. Fill yourself with love, don’t worry about losing it, we have it in endless supply because we ARE love. Change your inner world, you change your outer world. Its time to change.

Start now.

I love you, Namaste

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