Intuition and Psychic Practices 

Intuition is something we all have within us. Intuition is our spirit speaking to us. It is the whisper that when we follow and trust it, it will lead us down the path of our highest good and happiness. Unfortunately, with cultural conditioning, chemically/poisoned food and water,  and being so focused on what others think we have grown to completely become out of sync with our intuition and out of alignment with Source. It was a long and painful journey for me to get to the point of trusting and hearing and letting my intuition guide me daily. I didn’t always have a good relationship with my intuition but it was always strongly there. Nevertheless, I certainly had to go through the doubt and hardships to get to where I am now. Below, I’m going to share my intuition practices that have helped me strengthen the connection with my intuition and psychic abilities.

Becoming a Reiki Master

It may not work for everybody, but it worked for me and many, many others. It certainly isn’t a loss either. Reiki is a hands on healing practice. This allows us to connect to the life force of the universe and the life force within us all in order to heal our minds, bodies, and spirits. In becoming a reiki master I unlocked all my chakras (over time I fell off in trying to find my purpose and they got blocked again, but this was a personal journey) and in doing this my whole body and spiritual abilities were healed and restored. Reiki teaches us to use our intuition to heal, along with assistance with guides and Source. If you’re interested in learning reiki email me. (Bottom of page)

Detoxing the Pineal Gland 

This was an extremely important part of developing my intuition. The pituitary gland (third eye chakra) and pineal glad (crown chakra) deal strongly with intuition. There are numerous ways to decalcify all of the funk from these glands so that they can function optimally. Black suave, chlorella, and ginseng are amazing for detoxing our bodies of metals, and chemicals. Black suave has even been known to trigger tumors in cancer patients to speed up and possibly cure cancer.


When you begin to listen to your intuition, sometimes it’s possible to feel guilty for not doing it the whole time. Forgiveness was a big one for me as well. In order to really follow my intuition and spiritual abilities I had to forgive myself for ignoring them and forgive myself for listening to others.

Connecting to Your Inner Child 

Our inner child carries the very essence of our souls. When we connect to this part of ourselves and give it what it needs we then connect to our souls and our souls are what guides our intuition. In healing wounds from the past we become this child, in alignment with Source once again.

Automatic Writing 

Automatic writing is writing without thinking. It takes practice and patience but soon the pen just flows. You simply just start writing, and you keep writing until you feel it is time to stop. Always make sure you come from a place of love and set your intention. Automatic writing is believed to be messages from higher beings and spirits. If you choose to do so, make sure you are protected by staying in a place of love rather than fear and write down who you want to specifically speak with. For starters, simply write because it will be your subconscious and your spirit speaking.


This step is SO IMPORTANT! If you get anything out of this article, let it be that you do this. Mediation is something that has helped me more than anything else on my spiritual path. Whether it’s 5 minutes a day or an hour. Meditate! Doing this automatically connects us with our intuition and our inner world’s. The more we do this, the more we will see our intuition and many other things unfold.

Visualizing Numbers 

A great way to enhance psychic abilities is to vividly visualize numbers. If you have a vivid imagination then this will be easy, if not be patient, send love to yourself and practice. How you do this, is by going through numbers 1-10 and visualizing them all having different colors, shapes, fonts, sizes, backgrounds, and designs the more vivid and detailed the better so you can get a clear vision of the numbers. Try changing each number into something different from the one before. This can be done in meditation.

Asking for Guidance 

Simply by asking for guidance from your guides will help you, as long as you stay open to the messages they will convey to you. We have guides that surround us waiting to help us any way they can, and we just need to reach out to them with our hearts and be open to the answers they bring. This could be in smells, feelings, physical manifestations , numbers and many other things. The key is to stay open to it all and use discernment.

Being Open to All Things

This sort of ties in with the previous one. When we remain open to all possibilities we remain open to what the universe has to offer us. This allows trust in ourselves and the universe as well. Staying open to all possibilities allows our intuition to have space to be.

Playing the Guessing Game 

Whether this was guessing what someone would do next or buying a tarot deck and following the steps, playing the guessing game and seeing if your guess what right is a great way to practice tuning into your intuition. The more you clear your mind and do this, the easier it gets.

Connecting to My Emphatic Abilities

I was born a natural empath, not everyone was or is but we all have emphatic capabilities. When we open our hearts to divine love and healing, we open the world of the spirit. We allow ourselves to be in alignment with our spirit and source which allows us to be led by our Intuition.


Opening My Chakras

As I said before when I got attuned to Reiki my chakras became opened and balanced, but I fell off. In my personal journey I had to fall off of doing reiki to learn necessary lessons, I still practiced but not as frequently (luckily once you’re attuned it is always with you) and my chakras got blocked again. So I went to a friend who did chakra clearing and I instantly fell back into reiki with the wisdom I had gained and even more connection to my inner essence and so much more. Our chakras are important as they are our energy centers, and it is important to keep them cleared and opened so that we can stay in alignment with all of our capabilities and become our best selves.
These are the steps I have taken to heighten and connect with my intuition and psychic abilities. Note: this page will continually be updated as I practice more and remember more ways I have strengthened my intuition.
I hope this helps! If so (or even if not) please feel free to email me about your experience in the option below.

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    Hello i am very interested in unlocking my chakras and learning about reki, my sister passed away in Feb of last year, and i have started down my own spiritual path, and doing such things as automatic writing, and meditation, and i have a deck of angel cards just havnt broke them in yet, i would like some more knowledge and insight if you could offer me some. Ive also read about incarnate angels and such, and my husband and i both have every single sign on the list of you may be one if, anyways would love to hear from you

    • Cici says:

      Hello Haylie!

      I would love to help you in your spiritual journey and answer any questions you may have! The practices on here are amazing ways to start. I could tell you more about reiki and getting your chakras activated. I am sorry about your sister, she is in better realms. You can email me at

      So much love and light to you!

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