Benefits of DNA Activations 

The Inner Essence gives an amazing DNA Activation to those who seek it. There are many, many benefits to these activations and they are listed below:

  • Higher awareness
  • All psychic and spiritual abilites unlocked
  • Detox of toxins and old programming through generations
  • New, clean karmic slate
  • Reaching, accessing and entering higher dimensions
  • Increased senses
  • Complete chakra balance and realignment
  • Old behaviors and patterns released
  • Better sleeping patterns
  • Twin flame and/or soul mate patterns cleansed and healed
  • Faster cell reproduction and healing
  • Light codes entering your system and mind faster therefore ascending to higher consciousnesses faster
  • Greater sense of unity and oneness and love
  • True sense of the “I AM”
  • Complete connection with Source
  • Faster manifesting ability
  • Better and stronger overall health (metabolism, immune system etc)
  • Family genetic codes and templates healed
  • Increased love of self And others
  • And so much more!!!

Note that all of this happens over a period of time. If this were to happen all at once we would become pure light, and without body. We still have a body, as we are bridges from the heavens to Earth. So, patience is necessary, this plane has time, therefore our physical bodies must follow the guidelines of time until our DNA reaches the point to where it does not. It is all a beautiful, enlightening journey.
If you’re interested in a DNA ACTIVATION go here.
If you’re interested in knowing more about it please go to our ABOUT page on this site!
Namaste beautiful beings

New Moon Solar Eclipse 2017 Message 

The collective message for this New Moon Solar Eclipse

We are full, the glass is overflowing and it’s okay to let some things go. There is no need to give what we don’t have, conserve your energy, go deep into your heart space to connect with your truth and inner strength to carry with you on the journey of transformation that lies ahead. We are eternal beings and our energy is infinite. We sometimes forget this when we are giving it away, or letting someone else have power over it. Take it back, conserve it, and allow yourself to have comfort in knowing what lies ahead is just what the world needs for the next big step in world peace. We are so close. 

Allow the endings to take place because they are truly no longer of service to humanity or ourselves individually. The darkness destroys, but it also creates. Take a moment to see what is no longer serving, no longer creating, and let it go. Free yourself from illusion, and mature your ego. It is time to stop resisting what is, and letting the divine plan just take place. No one and nothing is bigger and better than the divine, so let it be. Only we can be the ones to set ourselves free. 

Deck: @seedsofshaktioracle

New Moon Leo July 2017

This new moon in Leo on the 23rd calls us to action. Leo is the sign of leadership, fire, generosity, ego, pride, and action. Which aspect are you feeling this new moon? 

This new moon calls us to manifest our desires by being grateful for what we have now. Creating a gratitude jar and placing one or more things we are grateful for everyday for 30 days is a wonderful way to train our minds to stay in the conent feeling of gratitude. 

What are your thoughts giving birth too? What is being illuminated for you? Are you taking action where it’s needed? Are you always reaching for more instead of being grateful for what you have now? These are questions to ask during this new moon. Take time to be grateful for all you have so that the energy of new can help you manifest more of what you are grateful for in abundance. 

Align yourself with gratitude as you take on this new role of personal power this new moon brings. Your ego may be illuminated at this time and your fire may slip. Find gratitude, awareness, and love during these times. When we align with gratitude we are open to receive the gifts the universe offers us. When we focus on the negative we are in resistance and closed off. Take some time to think about what you are grateful for for the new moon in Leo. 

Allow yourself to be immersed in gratitude so that you may bring more good things too you with the energy that is present. This is a time of action, no more holding back. Be humble and grateful rather than prideful and discontent. You will feel happier and the universe will work with you on your goals and dreams if you are grateful for what it has given you now. 

Start a gratitude journal, gratitude jar, or visualize all you are grateful for and all you will be grateful for once it’s achieved. This is high manifesting energy, watch your thoughts and words. 

Crystals For Developing Spiritual And Psychic Abilites 

The collective is awakening in mass. We are coming to the realization there is more than just what we see with our physical eyes. This leads to the awareness that we are co creators of this reality we live in on Earth and that each of us have our own unique spiritual gifts. So, The Inner Essence has gotten a lot of requests lately about crystals used for developing these gifts and strengthening them. 

Crystals should not be relied on to achieve really anything. They are like friends who give us support if we open up to them. Remember that all is within and only you can truly strengthen and develop your abilities. 

Below are some that have been used by myself, Cici Chapman, owner of The Inner Essence, to develop my psychic senses, enhance my healing abilites and more. Each path is different. Find yours. 

Crystals For Developing Spiritual And Psychic Abilites 


This crystal is one of the most powerful ones. It helps with bringing our magical powers to the surface. It helps keep negativity and forces of ill intent away while also leading us to connect with other realms. It aids in meditation by quieting the thoughts of the mind to connect to the higher mind. Whatever you want to connect to or whatever ability you want to develop this one is your best friend. 


A very well known crystal for spirituality. Used by psychics and fortune tellers and those of royalty for ages. Amythest purified, and awakens the third eye and crown chakras  which is essential to spiritual development. It calms anxieties and brings in a sense of mediative peace. Another best friend of the one of the spiritual path. 


An otherworldly crystal as it is not liquid yet not solid. This connects us to the higher realms of the angels, and beyond. It connects us to the higher chakras above our crown chakra. It holds the energy of pure light and can connect us to source while awakening and aligning all chakras. This one is self charged and never loses its power. 


In connecting to higher realms and higher vibrational energies, we always need to be sure we are protected and grounding in these energies so that nothing harmful happens to our physical existence and bodies. We are still human after all. Black Tourmaline is one that is the most powerful grounding and protecting stone. It allows for protection from any negative energy and thing in both the physical and spiritual. It grounds in and absorbs negativity and transmutes it into positive energy. 


Kyanite is a very powerful throat chakra and third eye chakra stone but it aligns and activates all of the chakras. It is another that powers itself and is connected to higher realms. It helps ease in the transition of consciousness and change while powering up your desires. Aligned chakras are important for spiritual development. 


This is another one for third eye and throat chakra. This helps us communicate with other realms and other beings in general. This is also another one that helps with  manifesting any spiritual desire you seek, in regards to spiritual and psychic abilities. It helps to balance both hemispheres of the brain. 


Another grounding stone that is also a protector. As we highten our awareness we become more senstive and vulnerable. This stone is really amazing for keeping negativity of any kind away. It helps us work through our shadows to better live in the illumination our spiritual abilities connects us to. It connects us deep into the mother earth and the spiritual energies there. 


This stone is yet another stone that helps with all spirituality and spiritual desires. It also cleanses the aura and clear the mental energy. It uplifts the spirit and enhances our vibration. It helps to maintain a meditative state and stay centered. It brings joyful feelings through connection and unity which allows us to connect to all. 


This is a very good stone for cleansing and renewing the aura. It helps heal holes in the auric field and also connects us to higher realms while also grounding in the energy of it to earth. This stone is good for overall well-being. 


An amazing third eye stone that protects from any spiritual or psychic attack. It helps to awaken us to our full potential and keep a steady focus and enhance our extra sensory perception and become much more in tune with our intuition. 

These are the crystals I have found to be extremely effective tools and friends of support in energy in my journey. Keep in mind crystals are not all to be used. Meditation,  a daily spiritual practice, and healing will get the results that you seek. There are many different ways to better your abilities and talents. Such as, meditation, tarot cards, speaking and getting advice from other psychics, taking courses, etc.  Choose them all if you are guided to but choose at least one practice you can do daily to achieve results. 

These are just brief descriptions of the crystals and their uses. Many more can be found online, this post is just to give what crystals I’ve used on my personal journey to help my abilites and I hope you find some usefulness in them as well. 

Crystals are our allies and our friends. They live and they vibrate, allow them to help you and they will. Much love and happy journeying. 

NOTE: I do not own these pictures. They are used for the visual affect from many resources. 

Pendulum Dowsing Reading-Core Issues and Answers: Family, Life, Spirituality, Work, Relationships ETC

With this dowsing session any questions can be asked and the answer will be in relation to the core issue and answer. This shows answers for ANY area of your life that you wish to find guidance about.

The chart used is connected with each persons astrological chart individually, allowing true and accurate answers all the way down to past lives and deeply rooted psychological affects on our daily lives.

This reading can help you get to the root of anything, so that you may set forth on a new path with greater awareness of the issue or question and lead a better and more satisfactory life. This can give you answers on what to do, where something comes from, what the real issue is of something and much much more.

Example questions that can be asked:

Where does my apprehension come from?

How can I find happiness?

What does my relationship bring?

Why is my financial state the way it is?

What can I do to evolve spiritually, or in any other area of my life?

What does my sadness, anger, fear etc come from?

These are just some examples of questions. Feel free to speak with psychic healer Cici upon purchase or email for any questions or concerns.

Transformational Times 

Times of great transformation are taking place. The cosmos are growing stronger with the earth connection and if attention is paid we can see this. What is happening outside of ourselves is also happening within us and vise versa. 

We are going through a time now where the garbage and gunk are being cleaned up and out and turned into what serves humanity. Things may seem to never be going right, it may be a painful time. This is simply the caterpillar stage in cocoon to turn into a butterfly. We may feel trapped, and lost but this is only the seedling stage. 

It’s extremely important that we now focus on what matters and what we desire. To focus on the good. Is your soul leading you or your wound? Asking ourselves this question is important for spiritual growth, ascension and happiness. Which wolf are you feeding, the light or the dark? Are you able to find oneness, balance? 

Each experience of this time will be ever more unique. Every one of us is growing, and ascending in some way. Shifting our perspectives is key. We find we are the creators of our life when we make the choice and claim the role. We then create the lives we want. 

Let what goes, go. Let what is, be. Set your boundaries and stand your ground, but be compassionate and forgive. The collective is now going through the time of finding balance in all things. We are rising higher, and going deeper. Things may come up and things may happen that we don’t quite understand. Let them, love them, then release them. 

The lunar phases and planetary alignments are now affecting us even more during these transitional and transformational times. Activations are still taking place and now we are being guided to see the truth, accept it, and be the flow. These cosmic events take place every day and every month, pay attention to how your daily life is affected. 

Begin to accept the truth of what is and allow balance into your life. Remember that love is unity and unity is ALL. Know that this too, shall pass and the truth will set you free. 

Be gentle. Namaste 

Psychic Impressions Reading


Psychic Impression reading allows the client to receive guidance for the present, answers for the future, awareness of the past and any other form of question the heart desires other than the questions not answered (info below). This service can help with guidance and insight into the future and my present or past issue or circumstance. It can give insight to spiritual enlightenment and gifts.

What to keep in mind: Know the law of attraction is always in action. One can receive and outcome of the future and still have it changed due to the thoughts, feelings and emotions we hold towards it whether we are aware of them or not. This can also be talked about with the psychic to help better figure out how to have the desired outcome.

Questions NOT answered by psychic Cici:

When will I (or someone else) die?

Am I pregnant? (or Any other pregnancy question)

Any question in regards to doing harm to anyone or anything.


Thank you for being on your path to self realization and mastery and searching for the light. If there are any questions and concerns please email

Everything IS ONE

Everything is one. 

From the dirt partcle to the ocean. Even, the person who is of ego and the person who is not. 

Have we not yet truly awakened to the knowing that this oneness is factual? That it IS truth? We see it not only around us, on social media within the spiritual blogs and pages and in science, but if looking within we see it as well.  This oneness, is everywhere and it is everything. 

That person, of whom you disagree with is nothing but and nothing better or less than you…and vise versa. We are all made from the same stardust, literally. We came from the same One Source Creator. Yet we still let our egos separate us even in these spiritual existences. Even in these “higher vibrational states” …why? The Ego will hold tightly onto anything that validates its existence. It fears death. 

If we feel like we need to defend ANYTHING, this is ego. When you find yourself not agreeing with something someone says, go deep, deep within yourself and ask why? Why do I need to defend this? Do I need to defend this? Then ask… What would LOVE do? 

We are love. We are source. We are one with everything. Therefore, “I am you and you are me” which means we are mirrors of each other. Which means, if one sees something undesirable in another, ask yourself why you have that inside of yourself? These are nothing but the ego trying to hang on too tightly to beliefs, patterns, thoughts, etc. 

When we come from our hearts, we really begin to practice this oneness. We really begin to feel this unity. If we want to help the world we do need to realize, EVERYTHING is within, because, EVERYTHING is One.

The illusion is separation, it is simply another thing that the ego tries to hold onto, in order to validate its existence. When we realize, separation is illusion, and it is not even there, we release… And we are free. 
Think. Feel. Be. Go within. Unity. 

The Inner Essence Travels

Coming up on July and August the Inner Essence will be traveling to Egypt. Where the sacred and ancient sites will be visited and explored for various projects and tranformations. 

However, this does not mean that The Inner Essence will not still be doing readings and healings. This can be done by scheduling them, and this can be done by messaging via Facebook messenger or emailing or simply by purchasing a session here in the site. 

After the journey The Inner Essence will be posting and doing live Facebook videos on realizations, remembrances and learnings found. Stay tuned for all the magnificence! There is much to be seen and discovered in this unique journey. 

Much love 


The Inner Essence now has a YouTube channel that all which are not blogs are vlogs. Most of the messages being given to all will come in the form of videos now, so be sure to subscribe!

The videos are done by Facebook Livestream and can also be found on The Inner Essence’s facebook where free live tarot readings occur every  Monday as well.

Be sure not to miss out on the videos! Owner of The Inner Essence, Cici Chapman, channels messages, does healing rituals for the collective, provides resourceful information to get you to where your going and spreads truth and wisdom and more!  There will also be videos posted there by others of whom The Inner Essence collaborates with. There is a lot going on so be sure to check it out here.

Love and light to all the beings of this infinite universe!