Higher-Dimensional Tarot Readings

Tarot has been used for ages to find answers and insight to our lives. In almost all Tarot decks found there is only four suits with the elements of Air, Fire, Water and Earth, while also using man-made creations like swords and shields, this keeps our reading grounded in the Earth plane and in the third-dimensional existence, which is necessary for some but we are moving into a new age that has called for an expanded view of Tarot, one which incorporates the shift in consciousness that is occurring.

These readings include a rare Tarot deck that includes all the elements, including the missing one of Ether– spirit or Prana. Just like old teachings and stories in the bible were lost, so was the last suit/element of the Tarot, this is because religion decided only they would be teaching spirit. Without spirit there is no life, and the Tarot is incomplete.

These readings include images that are more nurturing and in alignment with nature, reflecting inner direction and higher dimensions, allowing our evolving consciousness to come at play. They are images of a multi-dimensional mind–of a mind focused on enlightenment–giving us access to seeing our lives with additional dimensions of higher states of consciousness.

The meanings in the readings will be slightly different because they are more in alignment with the divine masculine, the divine feminine, and sacred union. The added suit of Ether specifically addresses the higher vibrational gifts emerging with the shift through the activation of our DNA codes, our evolving crystalline structures and the awakening of our multi-dimensional beingness; bringing forth the concepts of telepathy, spontaneous healing, inter-dimensional travel, and transcendence to name a few.

These readings shatters the illusion of the third-dimensional paradigm and creates a gateway for the new story evolving in our fifth-dimensional (and beyond) reality. Giving us insight to our multi-dimensional gifts and possibilities; incorporating the greater understanding of alchemy and the Spiritual Laws of the Universe. This form of Tarot reading is a spiritual philosophy that helps us to see the sacredness of all that is on our journey through life and assists in the remembrance of our divine blueprint.

Upon receiving the reading an image of your reading will be provided so that it can be mediated on and the esoteric knowledge and codes can be downloaded into your consciousness. May your ever evolving journey be that of Divine and sacred love and unity.

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