Everything IS ONE

Everything is one. 

From the dirt partcle to the ocean. Even, the person who is of ego and the person who is not. 

Have we not yet truly awakened to the knowing that this oneness is factual? That it IS truth? We see it not only around us, on social media within the spiritual blogs and pages and in science, but if looking within we see it as well.  This oneness, is everywhere and it is everything. 

That person, of whom you disagree with is nothing but and nothing better or less than you…and vise versa. We are all made from the same stardust, literally. We came from the same One Source Creator. Yet we still let our egos separate us even in these spiritual existences. Even in these “higher vibrational states” …why? The Ego will hold tightly onto anything that validates its existence. It fears death. 

If we feel like we need to defend ANYTHING, this is ego. When you find yourself not agreeing with something someone says, go deep, deep within yourself and ask why? Why do I need to defend this? Do I need to defend this? Then ask… What would LOVE do? 

We are love. We are source. We are one with everything. Therefore, “I am you and you are me” which means we are mirrors of each other. Which means, if one sees something undesirable in another, ask yourself why you have that inside of yourself? These are nothing but the ego trying to hang on too tightly to beliefs, patterns, thoughts, etc. 

When we come from our hearts, we really begin to practice this oneness. We really begin to feel this unity. If we want to help the world we do need to realize, EVERYTHING is within, because, EVERYTHING is One.

The illusion is separation, it is simply another thing that the ego tries to hold onto, in order to validate its existence. When we realize, separation is illusion, and it is not even there, we release… And we are free. 
Think. Feel. Be. Go within. Unity. 

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