Energy of the Full Moon in Leo

Tonight’s Full Moon in Leo is going to help us all get rid of the old once and for all. Not only this, but it will help the collective become whole and complete once again. Whatever is keeping us from being whole will now be removed and dismantled. 

This energy is bringing us inward and we must ask ourselves what we can do to make sure WE are whole as beings. What keeps us from being whole? Ourselves or others? Contemplate this, and this energy will help in removing whatever it is — we just need to take the first steps.

The world as we know it is beginning coming into harmony and wholeness. Feel it and embrace it and allow yourself to be a part of it. 

I want to mention that on TUESDAY at 12PM MST I will be going live on our Facebook page to do Free Tarot Readings. I’ll be setting up the event tonight so feel free to come along! Hope to see you there! 
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