Emotions: What’s The Point? 

As human beings, as portals and bridges to the spirtial and physical world we have been given the gift of emotions. However, due to very pristine and precise manipulation through cultural conditioning we have been led to believe that feeling nearly any emotion, is bad. 

Our emotions are what either connect us or separate us. They allow us to exeperience everything we came here to experience. The path to enlightenment or ascension can feel chaotic and lonely and we end up creating more problems, rather than becoming one with our inner wisdom. This is only because we have been led to believe that these feelings are bad.  Chaos is what comes as a result of something needing to change. Lonliness is simply a reminder from ourselves telling us we need to remember we are part of something bigger. 

Sensitivity has been seen as something bad, weird, and nothing anyone wants to deal with. This is because of many reasons. When we block out our emotions it separates us, it separates us from our divine inner being who is love and the divine oneness of all that is. We are easily controlled when we allow others to dicatate what emotions are seen as useful, and what emotions aren’t. This is how we give our power away. 

We have been led to believe we are weak for feeling. Weak for being in tune with our emotions. With every emotion comes a deeper meaning. With every emotion comes a chance to experience the beauty of the human life. Our power is within us, it is within our ability to stand in our emotions like a tree in a raging storm. 

We cannot ascend if we allow ourselves to be separated in any way from any part of our being. We must be whole with what is. We must feel the sorrow just as much as the joy and embrace them both the same. Beneath every emotion is a purpose and a lesson. Be the fire that breathes water because there is no separation. 

Pain is only here to teach us to open. It is only here to tell us “hey something Isn’t right, let’s fix this together”. It is only here to remind us that we are senient beings, that are to use our emotions for the greatest good of ourselves and all. 

Without pain we wouldn’t grow. We wouldn’t have come here otherwise. Why leave bliss and heaven to come here and experience all of this if we didn’t want to? 

When we embrace ourselves, our FULL SELVES, we find strength and power to embrace others FULL SELVES. We become one, with empathy, understanding and inner power. 

So… Emotions, what’s the point? The point is love. Every emotion in our life will teach us how to love more deeply and divinely if we let it. We are eternal beings of love energy. As is everything and everyone else. 

Feel the pain, accept the pain, love the pain then the pain will be released and you will have learned who you truly are. 
Be still my loves. 


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