Donate to AU Receive Free Healing

Australia has been burning since September 2019.

Over 500 million animals have been killed.

14.7 million acres have been burned.

30% of the koala population have been killed.

Many ancient forests, rare animals and rare plants have been lost.

At least 1700 homes have been destroyed.

The fires continue to burn and the animals continue to suffer. If you have any amount to spare, please donate.

I have provided links below to many fundraisers and donations to help the cause. This is all truly heartbreaking and I can’t help but hear the cries “enough is enough”.

In an effort to help to my best ability i have donated as well, but I wanted to offer a free healing of choice (all found in Services at The Inner Essence website) to anyone who donates $50.00 USD or more to any of the links below.

All you need to do is message or email ( a screenshot or proof of your donation, and we will talk about and schedule your healing.

If you choose to not donate for the healing, please at least donate whatever you can to help.

Here are the links provided:

The Inner Essence website

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