Cure To Our Problems

Yesterday I had a realization. This realization is something that occurred to me during meditation. As I was meditating, I realized that I had been out of touch with myself and trying to be elsewhere. Forgetting about my body and the inate wisdom that it holds within. I was in the clouds (more like different worlds and dimensions) instead of being here. 

I realized that I needed to come back down and tune in. Ground all these higher vibrational frequencies I was achieving into my body. I also realized that this happens with everyone. 

We spend a lot of time getting caught up in fixing problems, reaching higher realms, reaching for the future or even the past, and though these are all of good intention, we are missing one of the most important things to remember. The highest frequency and best self and life we can achieve is one of love and gratitude. 

We look elsewhere for this at times, rather than directly inside of our own inner world. We get so caught up in all this that we forget to realize gratitude and love happens right here. Right now. It won’t happen anywhere else but where we are in this very moment. Love and gratitude comes from our hearts, the center of our beings. This is where our connection to all we seek is. It only happens in the present moment. 

In those moments where our inner child comes out to play we know this. We are this. We are perfect just as we are, and if we connect to this love and gratitude and divine perfection that is within ourselves, we will have already achieved great happiness, joy, prosperity, and wholeness. 

As you read this you are urged to take a moment today and just look inside of yourself. Sit with yourself. Connect to all you are grateful for, connect to the love and perfection that is inately you. With this you will know on a deep level you have achieved and received all you seek. 
Love and light 〰

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