Consciously Creating

One of the biggest mistakes we can make in trying to create the life we want is focusing on our problems. When we focus on our problems, we feel the emotions that come attached  with these problems. When we feel these emotions that are attached to the problems, we tend to act out in the way that we feel. This is creating the same reality we don’t want, which is just insanity. This is simply the Law of Attraction (like attracts like). What you put out will come right back to you until you learn from it. Until you bring awareness to it. 

When you become aware of the viscious cycle you put yourself in, you then have removed the power you gave it and can use it for something better. You can use that power to create a new. To create what you DO want. The more awarness you bring into your life the easier it is to consiously create it. 

We are able to create our reality by releasing the truth of what is. The truth of what is, is that everything is energy. Everything is vibrating and pulsing. Therefore it can be transformed. Becoming conscious of our thoughts and our habit to focus on the negativity, will make our vibration instantly shift. Then, we can instead focus on what it would feel like to have what we love, changing your vibration and the vibration around you, to what you are desiring. 

With daily meditation getting rid of this cycle of destruction will become easier and easier until it no longer has control over us and our lives. If we really want to see change, we have to work at it. We have to put the work into ourselves and our life. 

We must do this especially now because we are moving into a point where we can either ascend or descend and you don’t want to take the descending path. We need to get in touch with ourselves and continue to move forward because it’s time to start consciously creating the reality we want to live in. 

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