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Your Birthright

Are you aware of how good your body is meant to feel? How can we know how good we are meant to feel if the only feelings we know are bad or worse, and maybe okay? Do you know the alive and renewing feeling of breath filling your lungs? Of spaciousness freeing each rib? The… Continue reading Your Birthright

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Why Mediation Should Be Important To Everyone 

Meditation is widely talked about in this day and age, and many know what it is, but not why the heck it’s so important!?  Well I’ll tell you why meditation should be important to absolutely everyone.  For those who are religious and believe meditation is “against” their religion, look at this. You pray and pray… Continue reading Why Mediation Should Be Important To Everyone 

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Meditation: The Secret to Keeping It Up

Today I am speaking about meditation per request of a follower of this blog. In my recent posts I spoke about how meditation is key during times of chaos in our lives. This is true, and I am going to share some things that have allowed me to keep a meditation practice and have brought… Continue reading Meditation: The Secret to Keeping It Up

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Love Is In All Things

The Sun is 92.96 million mi away, and yet just by simply shining it has the power to help even the tiniest seed grow. The Sun, along with the Moon and Mother Earth has the ability to bring life to even the tiniest seedling by simply being itself, and by choosing to do so every single day. The… Continue reading Love Is In All Things

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Yoga: Union of the mind, body and soul. 

Yoga is an ancient art of unifying the mind, body, and spirit through physical and mental discipline. Yoga originated in India and was used for enlightenment. “Yoga” is Sanskrit and means “union” with the main belief being that health and well being are derived from physical, mental and spiritual harmony.  Though there many forms of… Continue reading Yoga: Union of the mind, body and soul. 

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Introducing… The Inner Essence! 

Hey there! Now that The Inner Essence is officially open I’d like to take a moment to introduce myself (the lady behind the screen), and my goal for this Blog and The Inner Essence.     First, my name is Ecclisia Chapman and my well-known nickname is Cici. I live in Arizona and I am… Continue reading Introducing… The Inner Essence!