Your Birthright

Are you aware of how good your body is meant to feel?

How can we know how good we are meant to feel if the only feelings we know are bad or worse, and maybe okay?

Do you know the alive and renewing feeling of breath filling your lungs? Of spaciousness freeing each rib?

The feeling of breaking apart stagnant energy, stress and tension to be left with relaxation, ease and relief?

How about the intimate feeling of a breeze kissing your skin? Or the sun holding your body in light? Cool soil supporting your feet and calming your mind? Water taking you into its dimension, absorbing you, and the feeling of it flowing between your fingers?

If these feel foreign, or too romanticized for you then you are not aware of how good you are meant to feel. These things seem to be experienced in a less sensational way on a daily basis. Perhaps bathing, or sighing.

But I assure you, it isn’t just some writing on a screen. Its a real life experience.

We spend all our lives in our heads, constantly in our minds. Becoming desensitized, and numb to the rest of our body. We come to identify with the mind and completely forget we have an entire body that holds our souls.

Food is meant to swoon your taste buds into a space in time where there is none else but that flavor.

Water is meant to take you into a whole other world, enliven you, revive you, and cleanse you down to your very core.

Air is meant to fill you, surround you, and caress the hairs on your skin filling you with chilling sensations that are felt all over the body. Where warmth of the sun then holds you in light filling you with peace and serenity.

But how can we know the pleasures in life if we spend it denying them?

You are meant to feel good.

We are humans with many senses. Choosing each moment as a human to experience these senses. Each bite of fruit, each silken blanket, each breath.

Existence, life, is sensual and intimate. It is a gift, that has been treated as a chore.

I call from my primal human nature to yours, wake up. Dearest one, wake up.

Feel the earth between each toe. Feel the fingertips of a loved one soothe your mind. Feel the laughter and breath that exudes from your lungs. Feel the liquid of your coffee spill onto your tongue.

Life is ecstacy. It is heaven. It is nirvana.


Life is miserable. Life is hell. Life is oblivion.

It is your choice. Step out of your head and into presence. Start with one breath, and another, again and again. Soon, you will feel yourself walking out of the gates of hell, and into the light of heaven.

Breathe, allow, feel, sense. You are meant to feel good. It is your birthright, to feel good.

Why Mediation Should Be Important To Everyone 

Meditation is widely talked about in this day and age, and many know what it is, but not why the heck it’s so important!? 

Well I’ll tell you why meditation should be important to absolutely everyone. 

For those who are religious and believe meditation is “against” their religion, look at this. You pray and pray and pray, seeking answers right? What do you do after you pray? You go right back to what you were doing before or what you have to do next filling your mind with the many different things that our thoughts give us to think about. You’re seeking answers, but get upset when they aren’t answered. We need to be still. We need to be silent. We need to listen to hear the answers being given. Meditation can assist us with finding the answers we seek, no matter what your beliefs are. 

For those who don’t believe in anything of the sort when it comes to a higher power. Don’t you go through times where you just are too stressed and thinking too much? Can’t focus? Well meditation helps us to still our mind. It shows us tools on how to remain focused and alert. We age faster and get illness much faster when we are stressed and always in our heads, meditation can help to remove this unecessary stress. 

For those who are confused and don’t know what to believe or what is even going on in their lives let alone a higher power. Meditation would be especially good for you. During meditation we can contemplate. In doing this we find answers, gain insights and awareness to situations and circumstances. When we are confused meditation can help us to stay centered and help us to really use our mind usefully to find out the why, what and how of things. 

For those who are new to the spiritual path. We tend to seek outwardly for guidance because this is how we have been taught. When we wake up and realize there is more than this third dimensional matrix, we start seeking answers. Meditation is especially good for this because it causes us to go within for our answers. Everything we need is already inside of us and mediation can help us not get lost in others truths and find our own. 

For those wanting to develop gifts of any sorts or remember who you are. Meditation can help you because it connects us with our true essence. It brings our focus to exactly what we need in this time for our highest good. In this act, we align ourselves with what is necessary to develop and remember our gifts. 

Meditation is good for absolutely anyone and everyone. It just takes time, patience and a little bit of love to stick with it. Through meditation we find these things: 

  • Happiness 
  • Stillness
  • Inner peace
  • Joy
  • Abundance 
  • Answers 
  • Better mental activity 
  • Healthier brain and body 
  • Decrease in illness 
  • Bliss

And many more things, but it is important when going into meditation to not focus on what it can give you as that exudes the point. Go into meditation without a goal and just experience what you experience without judgement. Then let the love flow and the journey take you places you never imagined. Take that time to meditate and I promise you won’t regret it. 
Love to you 


Meditation: The Secret to Keeping It Up

Today I am speaking about meditation per request of a follower of this blog. In my recent posts I spoke about how meditation is key during times of chaos in our lives. This is true, and I am going to share some things that have allowed me to keep a meditation practice and have brought me ease in doing so. 

Meditation has been seen as an act of trying to silence the mind. When we come into meditation with this mindset we are destined to get frustrated and give up. The origin of the word meditating is “contemplating” which is in fact a better word to use when coming into meditation, and least when we are just beginning, as contemplation means to look thoughtfully at for a long time. 

Simply sitting for meditation, is meditation. Any act of being fully present in where we are at is meditating. Contemplation is a way we can see meditation when we are just beginning to help the mind be at more ease and give up the struggle. We can come into meditation and see it as a contemplation. Now what is it we are contemplating on exactly? 

Everything really, or nothing at all. We can start by closing our eyes and listening to all the noises around us and slowly moving our focus inward. At the beginning of my practices I, just like everyone else, struggled with my thoughts. My mind was racing, and my ego was fighting off the silence causing my mind to think my body was aching, or that I had better things to do. This is not a reason to give up. Taking it one step at a time and not giving up is key. 

It is perfectly normal for our minds to race at first, the more we practice, the easier it will get to slip into silence. For now, contemplate on the thoughts you get. Simply observe them, and if need be you can label them and say “thinking….thinking…”. Allow yourself to think, but don’t attach to them. Watch them come and watch them go because they will do as such whether you hang on to them or not. Doing this is meditation. It’s meditation because you are right where you are at the moment. You’re not in the past and you’re not in the future. 

Another way of finding ease and keeping up the practice of meditating is by seeing it as spending time with yourself like spending time with an old friend whom you haven’t seen in a long time. You would struggle and want to leave as soon as possible if that’s the case right? Allow yourself to relax and breathe through the “struggle” you place on yourself. Be patient and kind to yourself as you would a friend. 

Start simple, and let it unfold. Your meditation practice is entirely unique to you.. No one’s meditation practice is similar to another’s. Allow what comes to come, don’t hold onto it, relax, breathe and be patient. I certainly didn’t start astral projecting and finding my inner world of purity over night. Go to it as an act of self love. Start with 5 minutes and simply deepening and elongating your breaths, then as you get more comfortable you can peel back the layers.

I recommend using YouTube or meditation apps for starting out as they have served me very well all throughout my meditation journey. A good meditation app is Insight Timer ( you can download it on any smartphone. Don’t forget to be patient with yourself, whatever happens in your practice is exactly what needs to happen just for you. 

Love Is In All Things

The Sun is 92.96 million mi away, and yet just by simply shining it has the power to help even the tiniest seed grow. The Sun, along with the Moon and Mother Earth has the ability to bring life to even the tiniest seedling by simply being itself, and by choosing to do so every single day.

The Sun brings light to us day in and day out. Nourishing down to our very cells. Nourshing and giving strength to everything around us. Ancient Edgyptians, Mayans, and Aztecs knew and even worshiped the power of the Sun. They knew that the Sun has powerful energies that can transform sickness into health, and bring knowledge and wisdom.

The Sun nourshes our physical vessels, while the Moon provides us with nourishment for our souls. Pulling at the ocean just as much as it pulls on our hearts. Mother Earth provides us with nutrition and essential medicines. This is all done in Divine Harmony. Every single one of these things we tend to ignore on a daily basis are living, pulsing, beings. 

The Sun doesn’t stop shining because someone curses it, the Moon doesn’t stop shining because someone acts with hate, and Mother Earth doesn’t stop providing us with all that we need because there is man attempting to destroy her. 

Day in and day out whether we know it or not they all fight for us. They keep shining upon us, keep providing us with LOVE. There is love in everything around us if we look. Now, why would there be this strength in love with everything except us? 

We are not beings of the hate we happen to see around us. We are connected to all things. We are stardust, and made from the very same thing of the Sun, the Moon, and the Earth. We are beings of Divine Love. In realising this, we can realize that just by simply being who we really are, we can bring the very same light, strength, and pull on the hearts of others. 

Coming more into this love that is in and surrounds ALL things, we can bring light and love and change the course of the future, bringing it into light and love even from across the world. Even from galaxies away. You feel the Sun, you feel the Moon, you can feel the Earth. I promise, all you have done to come into your own light, others can feel it too. 

All things are love and harmonious. We must simply just remember this, and be it. 

Yoga: Union of the mind, body and soul. 

Yoga is an ancient art of unifying the mind, body, and spirit through physical and mental discipline. Yoga originated in India and was used for enlightenment. “Yoga” is Sanskrit and means “union” with the main belief being that health and well being are derived from physical, mental and spiritual harmony. 

Though there many forms of yoga, there are Five Paths or the five main forms of yoga: 

Hatha yoga: Yoga of Vitality- focusing on physical poses and breathing control. 

Bhakti yoga: Yoga of Love- focusing on changing and meditation to bring connection with the divine. 

Karma yoga: Yoga of Selfless Action- philosophical focus teaching to serve others without seeking reward purifies the mind and body 

Jnana Yoga: Yoga of Knowledge- Has an intellectual approach and involves the study of ancient scriptures to lift the veil of illusion 

Raja yoga: releases mental and psychic abilites, concentration and breathing control. 

The western belief is that yoga has to be challenging physically and has to be more like fitness. However yoga includes exercise, pranayama (yogic breathing), relaxation, meditation and even a pure diet (the yogic diet). 

It’s become more popular in the western world but there are people that still are led astray because their focus is on anything else other than their physical beings. We must remember it is all connected and with the assistance of yoga we can achieve balance and harmony in our minds, bodies,  and spirits, as yoga leads us to the inner essence of our being. 

You can research the best yoga style that will fit you based on your lifestyle and begin there. Yoga doesn’t have to be an hour long full of vigourous movements. Find what works for you. 

Introducing… The Inner Essence! 

Hey there!

Now that The Inner Essence is officially open I’d like to take a moment to introduce myself (the lady behind the screen), and my goal for this Blog and The Inner Essence.    

First, my name is Ecclisia Chapman and my well-known nickname is Cici. I live in Arizona and I am a certified Reiki/Master Teacher, Yogini, Artist, Starseed, Empath, Tarot Reader, and much more. I love all beings on Earth and beyond!

Now, how did I get here? Well, I started out exactly the opposite of everything I am now. I came from a broken home, but it was much more than that. I spent half my life wanted to destroy myself in any way I could–drugs, alcohol, self harm, addiction and the list goes on. I was diagnosed with depression, anxiety, ADD and ADHD. Funny thing is? These are symptoms of awakening!

I would have woken up at a very early age if I didn’t believe something was wrong with me, but everything has always been as it should be. Everything happened right on time.

When I woke up it was painful, I had so much baggage I needed to learn to love and accept. Though I am still working through some things as I continually learn,  I have learned to fully accept and love myself through my conscious awakening to light, love and oneness.

My goal here with this website is to help others achieve this as well, and even help those who already have! We always have room to grow as we are humans on this plane. I hope to add to the piece, love and harmony in the world and this is the steps I have taken to do so!

Okay… So what will I be providing here?
I’m going to be blogging about consciousness, anything 3D and up, Chakras, the universe, love and light, spiritual fitness, Yoga, Reiki, Aliens, and so much more.

I’ll also be providing Reiki Healing Sessions, Reiki DNA Activation, Tarot Readings, Past Life Healings, Divinity Dowsing, and more. Everything you need to know about these things are on the About page of this website! Along with a little bit more about me.

The world needs more love, and that is exactly what you’ll receive by being here in this journey with me. The journey to awakening can be lonely and I’m here to give a helping, unconditional loving hand as I have been there. For those who come here and are already on their spiritual path, we can help each other on the ascension process. I’m looking for more members of my soul group, so don’t be shy! I’ll be hosting live videos on the Facebook page (posted below) every week with free Tarot Readings. Some days they will be one card a person, and some days they will be Past, Present, Future readings!

Lastly, if you wish to contact me you can fill out the form in the About page letting me know anything you need to know or have any questions answered!

You can also go to The Inner Essence Facebook page which can be found here:

I want to assist in creating the world in union and love, so don’t be afraid to open up. You’re encouraged to comment, and get involved. I can’t wait to see where this journey takes us!
~The light in me, honors and loves the light in you. Namaste ~