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Psychic Impressions Reading

​NEW SERVICE Psychic Impression reading allows the client to receive guidance for the present, answers for the future, awareness of the past and any other form of question the heart desires other than the questions not answered (info below). This service can help with guidance and insight into the future and my present or past… Continue reading Psychic Impressions Reading

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The Inner Essence now has a YouTube channel that all which are not blogs are vlogs. Most of the messages being given to all will come in the form of videos now, so be sure to subscribe! The videos are done by Facebook Livestream and can also be found on The Inner Essence’s facebook where… Continue reading BLOG GONE VLOG

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Introducing… The Inner Essence! 

Hey there! Now that The Inner Essence is officially open I’d like to take a moment to introduce myself (the lady behind the screen), and my goal for this Blog and The Inner Essence.     First, my name is Ecclisia Chapman and my well-known nickname is Cici. I live in Arizona and I am… Continue reading Introducing… The Inner Essence!