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Why Mediation Should Be Important To Everyone 

Meditation is widely talked about in this day and age, and many know what it is, but not why the heck it’s so important!?  Well I’ll tell you why meditation should be important to absolutely everyone.  For those who are religious and believe meditation is “against” their religion, look at this. You pray and pray… Continue reading Why Mediation Should Be Important To Everyone 

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Strength In Times Of Struggle

A new age is coming. An age of unity consciousness, and mass awakening. However, the rainbows and sunshine isn’t going to just come out of nowhere. We are being urged to do some work. Work on our own inner issues and blockages so that we can actually align with this new reality, and match our… Continue reading Strength In Times Of Struggle

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Emotional Release and Letting Go

Cultural conditioning has taught us that if we allow ourselves to feel, we are weak. This is so untrue, the strongest tree doesn’t resist the wind, it flows with it. When we don’t allow ourselves to feel the emotions we feel, allow ourselves to simply be with them then we end up burying them, and… Continue reading Emotional Release and Letting Go

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Feeling Lost in Our Spiritual Journey 

As we begin to awaken more and more as a collective, we begin to search for more and more ways of evolving and growing spirituality. Sometimes we can feel lost, then other times we feel right on track. Then we go back and forth from feeling emotional baggage to feeling the high states of bliss.… Continue reading Feeling Lost in Our Spiritual Journey 

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The Inner Child: Heal Your Wounds

The Inner Child, our lifelong companion and our true self. We embody this when we are children but because of constant conditioning and brainwashing, we tend to block it out and become the “adult”. Then allow our ego to take the place of our inner child. All the while, the inner child is there but… Continue reading The Inner Child: Heal Your Wounds

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Meditation: The Secret to Keeping It Up

Today I am speaking about meditation per request of a follower of this blog. In my recent posts I spoke about how meditation is key during times of chaos in our lives. This is true, and I am going to share some things that have allowed me to keep a meditation practice and have brought… Continue reading Meditation: The Secret to Keeping It Up

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See The Big Picture 

“You have to acknowledge that something is there before you can even touch it.” This is something I had said during a conversation between me and my twin flame. When I said this I realised that I was being used by spirit as a channel at that moment and these words surprised me. They sent… Continue reading See The Big Picture 

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Understanding The Negativity 

During times of transformation things get shaken up. This particular time of transformation has brought a lot of crazy emotions and circumstances. We are losing our minds (and even feel like it) because we are stepping into spirit and unity consciousness. We are all experiencing the effects of this New Earth transformation in one way… Continue reading Understanding The Negativity 

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Aliens That Help Earth: Ashtar, Pleiadian, Sirian, Acturian 

If you don’t know by now, or don’t believe it, now is the time to start believing that aliens are contacting earth. They have been since the beginning. Our government made a deal with the Grey’s and now our government is currently ran by Reptillians and Hybrids. However, this is not what I have been… Continue reading Aliens That Help Earth: Ashtar, Pleiadian, Sirian, Acturian 

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​Healing For Empaths (and non empaths)

Everyone has empathic abilities. However, some are incredibly in tune with these abilities their whole lives rather than them being hidden and blocked as we get older because of conditioning and 3D matrix beliefs. Growing up I was extremely in tune with these abilities, they were always with me and not being fully aware and… Continue reading ​Healing For Empaths (and non empaths)