Removing Negativity From Your Home

With the new year coming up we are wanting to prepare for a fresh start in every aspect of our lives, to bring in new beginnings, a clean slate, and abundance in all desirable things. However, we must first clear out the baggage and muck that lingers from the past year!

The methods being given in this article are not just for the new year. These methods can be used whenever you need to clear out negativity from any space you need it during any time you need it. They are also budget friendly! The methods will be given in steps, but feel free to do them in any order that resonates and feels best for you, even modify or leave out steps if needed! Now, further adu…

Step 1: Cleaning!

Everyones favorite. Cleaning the physical junk. It may seem almost pointless to some, but whether we realize it or not, old energy gets stuck and stagnant. Especially negative energy likes to stay where there is chaos, so this means piles of clothes, areas where there is a lot of dust and clutter, etc. Those who do Feng Shu are aware of this but we don’t necessarily need to go that far to clear out the energy. We just need to tidy up a bit. Doing dishes, laundry, sweeping, dusting etc. Something so mundane is actually something SO effective. Even though it can be a drag to even think about, it cleanses and purifies the physical energy, allowing energy to flow, which makes it so worth it.

Step 2: Shifting the Energy!

Now, this isn’t always necessary but it greatly helps those who are seriously struggling with lingering energy that is just not going away (along with using all of these methods).

Moving furniture around! What this does is lifts the energy up that has settled with whats been left in one spot for a long period of time. It changes the energy of the home entirely to be transformed into something new, and allows the energy of welcoming positive change into the area. Even if you just move, say, your curtains on one window, to another. As much as we like to have things the way we want them, and it may not seem right at first, it allows us to surrender control to the higher powers of good and invite those energies in.

Step 3: Cleansing!

Cleaning and cleansing are different things, as one is more physical and one is more, mental, emotional or spiritual. This is the step where we bring out the sweetgrass, sage, palo santo, cedar, or whatever you so choose to cleanse the space! The native culturs used this exact method to cleanse and bless spaces, people and things. This method is still used today very widely within the spiritual community.

If you don’t have either of the above, grab some salt, water, and essential oils and put it in a spray bottle to set your intention of cleansing negativity and spray away!

With any of these, be sure you go around your entire house in a counterclockwise direction to get rid of negativity. Open your windows to let the smoke and excess energy out.

All of the energy you just shifted and moved around, and brought up into the air by all the cleaning and moving, is still there and now needs to me either transmuted (next step) or cleansed! The energy will follow the smoke of any herb you use out the windows and be sent out by the element of air and fire to be turned into something that serves. With the sprays, it will use the element of water and earth to latch onto the energy particles and change it into positive ions.

Step 4: Transmuting!

The step of transmuting can be used either instead of or to compliment the cleansing step. With this method we use visualization, power of word, and our ability to change our reality into what we desire.

Here, you can go into meditation or simply picture the excess energy being changed from dark mist, into pure white light. In any way that resonates with you, is perfect! Either way, it works. You can picture the dark energy being sent out into the universe to be transmutted into love, or you can picture it being sent into the earth to be changed into something nurturing for all beings.

At this point you can use any affirmations or incantations to remove any energy that still remains. Simply by saying “this home is now completely cleansed and cleared of any and all negative energy” will sure do the trick, even without visualization!

Step 5: Replacing the energy!

This is the most important part of any cleansing and releasing process, replacing the energy. With everything cleared and cleansed, the space is empty and ready to be filled with anything that enters it. So instead of allowing all that negative energy to come back in, we bring in and invite positive energy to stay instead.

This process can also be done with visualization. You can picture white light coming from both the earth and the divine filling every crevice and space in your home, then seeing it lock into place to keep all negativity out.

It can also be done while using the cleansing methods above by setting the intention to both cleanse, and replace the energy. As well as using the incantations or affirmations along the lines of “I now call in all energy of pure love and light to remain in this space now to transmute all negativity into love/light/etc”. Again, whatever you are drawn to say, say it. Your soul knows whats necessary at this time for your ultimate happiness and protection. Speaking of protection…

Step 6: Protecting the Space!

Another extremely important step in any negativity removing process of any kind. Just like in the methods above with visualization, affirmations and cleansing, it can all be done at once! By simply setting the intention to cleanse, replace, and protect the home and energy that is here now!

This can also be done in an entirely seperate process to the cleansing and cleaning steps.

You can at this time call in your guides, God source or whoever you feel protection from to come and protect your space now. You can place crystals in the corners of your home that are associated with protection. As well as calling in all elements, and/or the four directions to protect every part of your home and to remove anything you may have missed. Anything you feel works in protecting you, and your space, do it at this time.

Thats it! You can either add your own steps and methods, change it around, or do something completely different for the process of removing negative energy in your home, or any space or area! The process is entirely personal and as long as you feel the job is done, it is. This is simply a reference guide to build a foundation off of or get some tips and tricks. May you enjoy your new blissful space of peace, clarity, harmony, and birth of an abundance of all good things!

Earth Magic

Magic and power does not only exist in the ethers and the cosmos. Earth, offers so much more than we give her credit for.

Everything on this planet has magic and metaphysical properties and correspondences. Where one person sees a regular toothbrush, another sees an opportunity to transform the reality of that toothbrush as a tool of cleansing the throat chakra.

We are in charge of our reality, and what we say, is. What we believe, is what shall be. All is energy, atoms and molecules dancing together endlessly. Only changing and transforming to what we think.

“Quantum Physics tells us that nothing observed is unaffected by the observer…”

-Neale Donald Walsch

We affect, and create our reality. We change the energy of things by simply looking at them. So who’s to say, your shoes can’t be a tool of having a successful day? Charged with your intention, anything is possible. Anything, can be, anything. This is why it is always important to monitor our thoughts. The ancients new this Alchemists, shamans, witches new and know this. Now scientists are admitting this.

Not only are we creating, changing, transforming, absorbing, and/or transmuting things daily, creating powerful changes but so is the planet we walk on. She is also, energy. She is also, a live being. She gives, so much, for our use with respect. We, and all we use, including our physical bodies, come from and go back to Earth. This is all hers before it is ours. If we can respect this, and respect her and her inhabitants, then she offers a magic like no other seen.

Flowers, crystals, plants, water, animals, and even things that have been man made, from materials given by Earth all have their magic! They all have powerful energy that can assist us in our daily lives if we so choose to see it this way. If we so choose to activate the gifts given to us by the reality we have created.

If we take time to meditate on our own beliefs of what something is, we will find certain words or memories of what that certain essence is to us. That is where the properties and correspondences are found. That is where we have created that reality for that certain thing, or being. If it is negative, it can be changed, if it is positive it can be changed. We create what is, by choice. Where you see something negative and avoid, someone else sees positive and is using in their healing work to create lasting change, and vise versa.

If we get past our belief systems, we see the truth of what is. That all is energy, we can change this energy, and we do. This simple yet very powerful standpoint is what activates the energy, and magic in all things we set the intention for.

A tree, seemingly unable to speak, suddenly can to us. Water, seemingly not holding any other use then watering the earth, becomes a tool to renew your life. The very body you live in, seemingly a temporary prison to this Earth, becomes a sacred and powerful companion given to us by dear mother Gaia.

An example for better understanding is this: Rain water. Rain water as we know goes through the hydrolic cycle going from the sun heating the ocean, evaporating and rises to the air and so on and so forth. Just here, we already have one correspondence.. Cycles.

If you continue to think on what something is, what its typically used for, or known for, and what it means to you, and what it could be used for then you find the magic it holds. From there, you get creative on how you use it.

This reality is not a prison, it is not dead. It is alive and full of wonder, power and pure magic. As you choose and walk this path, Earth will begin to unfold her magic before you. Showing you a path of true beauty and manifestation.

Open your eye. See the magic that surrounds you on this earthly plane. Let it increase your power in love.

Happy Journeying.

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Mundane Life Turned Spiritual

So, we the people of the spiritual community are still yet a part of the mundane world of the physical plane. Sometimes we wish to stay above in the higher dimensions and completely forget about being fully present where we are. This is because we have found more, beyond this planet and dimension and we got bored of being present on Earth.

Well, our whole purpose as human beings is to be bridges from the Divine to our Earth Mother and anchor in these higher frequencies and dimensions into this ever present moment, so as light workers, energy workers, and healers we may change this planet and raise it to those dimensions and consciousness we are always reaching for.

However, I know the mundane life can be frustrating when we have to do things that are still part of the system built on lies. The best thing about this is though, that we can bring the new earth of magic manifestation and peace by anchoring it into these activites and responsibilites. I have compiled a list of ways to turn the mundane world, spiritual on a daily basis so that we really get in between the cracks of this system and change everything. It all starts with the small things.

Washing dishes: What are these things we place what nourshes our physical existence on anyway? What kind of energy is placed into them on a daily basis? Good? Bad? Nothing at all? When we do dishes we usually go through the motions, or get sucked into our minds. However, whatever you are feeling and thinking does actually effect what you are doing and touching. So take this opportunity to give thanks for being able to have cooking utensils to heat your food to remove bacteria, and give a perfect flavor. Give thanks for your dinner plates for giving a place for you to effectively eat your food. This puts good energy into the plates that will then be felt and absorbed the next time they are used.

Cleaning house: Light a candle, burn some sage, and go to town. Not only are you cleaning the dust and trash, you are clearing out old and stagnant energy that doesn’t serve you anymore! If you’ve had a stressful week here in the 3D world, that negative energy can be pent up in the tight spaces that a messy house keeps. If you set the intention to make cleaning house a ritual to connect deeper to yourself, and finding peace it can be and it will last a lot longer on this plane. Its all about intention.

Showers/Baths: Whether its to your child, or yourself, showering and bathing can be quite magical! You can one, cleanse negativity and any blockages with the element of water and two, wash a golden light of healing and love over your entire body, literally! You just set the intention and do some visualization and you have made magic!

Making food: This is one of the most important things we do in the day. We are providing our physical bodies the necessary nourshment for vitality and comfortability on this plane. If you do dinner and you focus on what you need to do next, what has happened in the day, what ticked you off etc you are placing this energy into the food you are making. So try to be present. Take a moment to realize what you are doing IS something sacred. It really is divine. Use this moment to thank the earth for providing you the necessary nutrients for your temporary stay here. Be grateful to the food for taking care of your body, and thank your body for telling you when it needs nourishment! This places such wonderful energy and frequencies into your entire life!

This is only a few ways of many that life on this plane can be just as magical as life in the ethers. It takes self discipline and acceptance of this world, but once its done, the whole planet can change, one small step at a time. I hope that once you get started with what I have given you, you allow your soul to guide you through the rest. Happy Earthing my friends.

New Moon Solar Eclipse 2017 Message 

The collective message for this New Moon Solar Eclipse

We are full, the glass is overflowing and it’s okay to let some things go. There is no need to give what we don’t have, conserve your energy, go deep into your heart space to connect with your truth and inner strength to carry with you on the journey of transformation that lies ahead. We are eternal beings and our energy is infinite. We sometimes forget this when we are giving it away, or letting someone else have power over it. Take it back, conserve it, and allow yourself to have comfort in knowing what lies ahead is just what the world needs for the next big step in world peace. We are so close. 

Allow the endings to take place because they are truly no longer of service to humanity or ourselves individually. The darkness destroys, but it also creates. Take a moment to see what is no longer serving, no longer creating, and let it go. Free yourself from illusion, and mature your ego. It is time to stop resisting what is, and letting the divine plan just take place. No one and nothing is bigger and better than the divine, so let it be. Only we can be the ones to set ourselves free. 

Deck: @seedsofshaktioracle

The Inner Essence Travels

Coming up on July and August the Inner Essence will be traveling to Egypt. Where the sacred and ancient sites will be visited and explored for various projects and tranformations. 

However, this does not mean that The Inner Essence will not still be doing readings and healings. This can be done by scheduling them, and this can be done by messaging via Facebook messenger or emailing or simply by purchasing a session here in the site. 

After the journey The Inner Essence will be posting and doing live Facebook videos on realizations, remembrances and learnings found. Stay tuned for all the magnificence! There is much to be seen and discovered in this unique journey. 

Much love 

Channeled Message: Shifting Into Peace 

CHANNELED MESSAGE: On the Scorpio Full Moon 2017
The collective is going through massive release, ascension levels are high. We are releasing old, old patterns, behaviors, beliefs etc. We are igniting the flame within us to burn away what no longer serves us and what has caused us pain by conditioning and ego traps. We are releasing, releasing, releasing. 

The power struggles have been real this shift. Our egos are almost constantly being challenged, and everything around us is changing. The shift is no longer able to be ignored. There is no more hiding as we face ourselves head on seeing mirrors everywhere. Being almost forced to face our shadows and remain in love to break free of our own chains. 

Unity is coming about between all and balance is taking place. Where we see fire we must be the water. Where we feel the anger we must then be the love and compassion. Purging for all is big right now and it may cause distress, sadness, depression. Physical symptoms include: 

  • Headaches from higher chakra recallibration 
  • Hunger or non hunger from release 
  • Tiredness from our bodies adjusting and working to ground these light codes being received 
  • Random feelings of spaciousness and peace 
  • Random feelings of pain and irritation 
  • Feelings of noticable heat in the hands or anywhere the energy is being released 
  • Tingling feelings from activations 
  • Thirst from release  

The physical symptoms aren’t as frequent  as they have been with other shifts because this shift is affecting us emotionally and mentally more than any other one. We are facing all aspects of ourselves and bringing it to the light through what we see in others and what they bring out in us. We can choose to ignore this and never heal it or go within and do the healing to achieve peace and freedom. We need to use eagle perspective to see past situations. Use our discernement to see what a situation is really about. Be careful of those who will fight against the light and remain in your power of love. Protect yourself by asking your guides to do what is necessary for you to move through this process safely. 

We can expect light codes in high amounts at this time as the sun puts itself in place as a portal for these activations to be placed on earth for all humanity. Be gentle with yourself and be gentle with everyone that you are able. Keep going within. Keep searching and pushing forward. The light is there, you just have to find it. 
Love and light all

Collective Energies and Message 04/30/17

The time of being a victim is no longer. The Earth is experiencing GREAT changes. Healing energy and activations surround the entire globe now. We are all healing, every last one of us. Whatever is no longer necessary for the collective is being resolved and released. 

Our so called faults as humans are becoming our virtues. Humanity’s past does not equal to our beautiful future. We are all healers, we have all gone through hardships, and survived. We have been wounded and healed. We may have gone through challenging times but we are now healing on deep levels. Healing energies, energies of deep transformation and activations are happening and flowing into all of us NOW. Our strength lies in the difficulties that we have overcome.

All of our energetic systems are being activated. Our DNA is being surged with healing energy and being activated. We are becoming one with the divine. We are all asked to do the inner work necessary to life the veils and have self realization. 

We are about to experience a sudden burst of new-found energy. We can use these energies to put towards creative projects, or an activity we are involved with. This energy will help us, undoubtedly, get greater insights on our spiritual journey. Be prepared to experience these powerful activations which may being out sudden changes in sleeping patterns, eating habits, and areas of interest. Be open to where these activating and healing energies take you and we will experience discover new gifts that expand our sense of who we are and our place in the Universe. 

It is a good time to get involved in environmental projects, attaining to the changes occuring on our planet and connecting with others who are of the same vibration. Cleanse our chakras and connect to the planetary grid that connects all beings to embody and hold space for these energies to occur within your physical being. 

Great healing and great activations are happening. Be gentle with yourself, and know this is a great time of transformation for the highest good of all. Bask in the blissfulness of these changing times. Follow your heart and soul.

It’s only going to get better and better. 
Love to you, Namaste 💚

Grand Release, Let Go!

For the month of April we have experienced many, many different forms of planetary shifts, solar storms, geomagnetic storms etc etc that are working in our favor to aid in the ascension of human kind.

For the next month or so we are to expect immense release. There will be many people experiencing power struggles and the deflation of the ego once all is said and done. We are really getting into the deep, dark past and root of the issues that still affect us today. We may experience extremely uncomfortable emotions that seem low-vibratory.

These emotions that come up will be intense, remember that this is just release. Keep reminding yourself this is just release and release it. We will experience awareness of our old patterns and they will arise within us to be acknowledged and healed. Relationships may now especially end because we are letting go and losing interest it what is no longer in alignment with us.

There isn’t just hurricanes ahead. It is also a time of great, great awakening and stepping into our true and divine personal power. We are remembering. Remembering who we are, why we are here, what has kept us asleep for so long. Our egos are being transcended as we begin to lose grip on what we thought we had control of. Let it go. Release your need for power over others and begin to tap into the power that comes from love and unity.

We are fully releasing the old paradigm of power and shifting into the new paradigm of power.

We are receiving activations to further align us with our highest good and the good of all. Earth will continue to shift and change and raise in vibration just like we are.

Listen to your inner guide and allow yourself to be open to others as the universe speaks through us all. Learn from the past and release it. Stand in love and remain grounded. Listen to your body and listen to your heart. Let the old paradigm fall away and the new paradigm emerge. It is happening and it is happening now.

You are strong.

I love you


It’s Time To Change

Everything is in your favor.

Is it?

Well.. that is up to you.

Do you spend your days seeing everything around you as a punishment or see everything as a means to an end? If your answer is yes then this is exactly what it will be. If you don’t already know by now, you create your own reality by your thoughts, feelings, and actions. If you are tired of all of what seems like madness internally and externally, then change yourself. Pour love into ALL aspects of your being. Begin to see yourself as worthy of all you are seeking. Then, you will see how in favor everything is for you.

If you are working against yourself, then everything else will to. This will be the vibration you put off. If we believe all is against us, we are resistant to what we are actually wanting. We don’t want to feel miserable because it is not our natural state. We only remain in this resistance because of fear, and lack. Realize when it comes from inside of you, you have nothing to be afraid of because then, you are in control; it cannot be taken away from you.

Find what makes you happy, and focus on that, without fear. Stop being afraid, release your grip on the attachment to the conditioning and fear-based programming. It is time for you to step into your power. You are powerful, even now as you read this the gears in your head are shifting and you are transforming your reality.

If you feel like all is against you, realize that you are using your personal power for this. You are using your ability to create your reality, to create one that makes you miserable. Change it. One step at a time, in the moment, in the NOW…change it. See where you are afraid, and fill it with love and embrace it and then release it. See where you are blocking yourself, figure out why, see how silly it is, and release it. Fill yourself with love, don’t worry about losing it, we have it in endless supply because we ARE love. Change your inner world, you change your outer world. Its time to change.

Start now.

I love you, Namaste

Hang On Tight! Shifts Are Happening! 

Today there was a huge event that happened with our Earth. 


Just a few hours ago, the natural frequency of our Earth, or the Schumann Resonance, hit it’s highest recorded value, ever. This is the natural heartbeat of our planet that all biological life entrains to.
Normally this frequency has hovered around 7-8Hz since it was discovered in 1953. Over the past couple years, it has been increasing. In 2014, it would start spiking to 14-16Hz on  certain days. Last year, we would see it hit 30-40Hz.
Today it shot up to 90Hz. “Yuuuge spike!”
Scientific analysis shows that our brainwaves will entrain to these frequencies. By definition, entrainment is “to draw along with or after oneself.” So essentially, the Earth is shifting higher, and drawing our minds along with it. 
Ironic that this spike was on the symbolic date of Easter. We are co-creatively resurrecting the Christ Consciousness upon our planet. 
That’s a pretty important thing, just wanted to let you know.”

Via Jayme Woodman from United Universal Lightworkers

With this extreme shift happening we can expect some amazing things happening!! Earth is changing her frequency to that of the crystalline earth we are entering. Which is one of pure state of love and harmony. With the Earth bringing us along with her on this journey we can expect: 

  • Manifesting to happen much more quickly. 
  • Ringing in the ears more frequently (listen!) 
  • Moments of lightness and bliss 
  • Ascension rapidly increasing 
  • Spiritual capabilities arising and growing 
  • Release, release, release 
  • The need for more water but less of an appetite 
  • Brain fog or acute awareness (depending on your own frequency)
  • Pure joy and bliss or boredom and sadness (again depends on your frequency)
  • “Aha” moments and more spiritual phenomena 
  •  Systems breaking that aren’t in alignment with the higher resonances (inside and out!) 

Be sure to rest and allow. Surrender to what is, and trust all is well. Take time to meditate and connect with this beautiful energy being given to us. Ground into the higher dimensional reality of the New Earth. 

We are all being reborn right now. 

Allow this deep transformation to occur. Allow the shifts to help you soar into oneness. What is on the other side is more beautiful than one can imagine. Just get through the crap, release what you no longer want or need, and embrace the lightness of this shift. Continue to go within. 

We can expect these shifts to happen all throughout 2017. They will only get better and better. Be ready for the ride of your lives. Stay centered and connect with Gaia and those around you. Know you are not alone with what you experience and do not resist any of it. We are being divinely guided and protected right now. 

Do what is necessary for your highest good and the highest good of all. Be true to you. Your soul is screaming now, listen to it! It is time. 

I love you. We are one. 

Namaste ~