Why I Am Herbalist

This isn’t a blog post about my wonderful journey down the plant path, how I found my way here and how they have created miracles in my life. Now that isn’t to say it’s not all true. Plants continue to save me and show me miracles everyday. This post is just focusing on an extremely… Continue reading Why I Am Herbalist


Donate to AU Receive Free Healing

Australia has been burning since September 2019. Over 500 million animals have been killed. 14.7 million acres have been burned. 30% of the koala population have been killed. Many ancient forests, rare animals and rare plants have been lost. At least 1700 homes have been destroyed. The fires continue to burn and the animals continue… Continue reading Donate to AU Receive Free Healing


Beauty Products & Quality of Life

The beauty products here at The Inner Essence are far from what the media has taught us beauty products are meant for. Throw all your pre-conceived ideas and beliefs about beauty, makeup, skincare etc when coming to The Inner Essence. It’s not about being perfect, looking as young as you possibly can, catering to the… Continue reading Beauty Products & Quality of Life


My Rebirth By Bath

This morning I had the most magical, medicinal, blissful bath of my life. As an herbalist, I use many herbal infused oils for all my products. I typically have plant matter left over that I use for compost, I haven’t really ever used it for anything else. However, I decided to keep all my plant… Continue reading My Rebirth By Bath

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Your Birthright

Are you aware of how good your body is meant to feel? How can we know how good we are meant to feel if the only feelings we know are bad or worse, and maybe okay? Do you know the alive and renewing feeling of breath filling your lungs? Of spaciousness freeing each rib? The… Continue reading Your Birthright

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Sexuality is so much more than we’ve ever been taught. Sexuality is more than penetration and climax. Our sexuality has been abused, manipulated, shamed, hidden, objectified, and used. Sexuality is seen as something that is naughty and to be hidden in secrecy. Sexuality exists without conditioned beliefs and responses to it. Our sexuality has been… Continue reading Sexuality

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Removing Negativity From Your Home

A list of ways to help remove negative and stagnant energy from your home, as well as protect!

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Mundane Life Turned Spiritual

We are always trying to reach higher dimensions, why not bring them here to Earth?