Earth Magic

Magic and power does not only exist in the ethers and the cosmos. Earth, offers so much more than we give her credit for.

Everything on this planet has magic and metaphysical properties and correspondences. Where one person sees a regular toothbrush, another sees an opportunity to transform the reality of that toothbrush as a tool of cleansing the throat chakra.

We are in charge of our reality, and what we say, is. What we believe, is what shall be. All is energy, atoms and molecules dancing together endlessly. Only changing and transforming to what we think.

“Quantum Physics tells us that nothing observed is unaffected by the observer…”

-Neale Donald Walsch

We affect, and create our reality. We change the energy of things by simply looking at them. So who’s to say, your shoes can’t be a tool of having a successful day? Charged with your intention, anything is possible. Anything, can be, anything. This is why it is always important to monitor our thoughts. The ancients new this Alchemists, shamans, witches new and know this. Now scientists are admitting this.

Not only are we creating, changing, transforming, absorbing, and/or transmuting things daily, creating powerful changes but so is the planet we walk on. She is also, energy. She is also, a live being. She gives, so much, for our use with respect. We, and all we use, including our physical bodies, come from and go back to Earth. This is all hers before it is ours. If we can respect this, and respect her and her inhabitants, then she offers a magic like no other seen.

Flowers, crystals, plants, water, animals, and even things that have been man made, from materials given by Earth all have their magic! They all have powerful energy that can assist us in our daily lives if we so choose to see it this way. If we so choose to activate the gifts given to us by the reality we have created.

If we take time to meditate on our own beliefs of what something is, we will find certain words or memories of what that certain essence is to us. That is where the properties and correspondences are found. That is where we have created that reality for that certain thing, or being. If it is negative, it can be changed, if it is positive it can be changed. We create what is, by choice. Where you see something negative and avoid, someone else sees positive and is using in their healing work to create lasting change, and vise versa.

If we get past our belief systems, we see the truth of what is. That all is energy, we can change this energy, and we do. This simple yet very powerful standpoint is what activates the energy, and magic in all things we set the intention for.

A tree, seemingly unable to speak, suddenly can to us. Water, seemingly not holding any other use then watering the earth, becomes a tool to renew your life. The very body you live in, seemingly a temporary prison to this Earth, becomes a sacred and powerful companion given to us by dear mother Gaia.

An example for better understanding is this: Rain water. Rain water as we know goes through the hydrolic cycle going from the sun heating the ocean, evaporating and rises to the air and so on and so forth. Just here, we already have one correspondence.. Cycles.

If you continue to think on what something is, what its typically used for, or known for, and what it means to you, and what it could be used for then you find the magic it holds. From there, you get creative on how you use it.

This reality is not a prison, it is not dead. It is alive and full of wonder, power and pure magic. As you choose and walk this path, Earth will begin to unfold her magic before you. Showing you a path of true beauty and manifestation.

Open your eye. See the magic that surrounds you on this earthly plane. Let it increase your power in love.

Happy Journeying.

Here at The Inner Essence uses this exact magick in all we do. Check out our products and services in the Shop.

Benefits of DNA Activations 

The Inner Essence gives an amazing DNA Activation to those who seek it. There are many, many benefits to these activations and they are listed below:

  • Higher awareness
  • All psychic and spiritual abilites unlocked
  • Detox of toxins and old programming through generations
  • New, clean karmic slate
  • Reaching, accessing and entering higher dimensions
  • Increased senses
  • Complete chakra balance and realignment
  • Old behaviors and patterns released
  • Better sleeping patterns
  • Twin flame and/or soul mate patterns cleansed and healed
  • Faster cell reproduction and healing
  • Light codes entering your system and mind faster therefore ascending to higher consciousnesses faster
  • Greater sense of unity and oneness and love
  • True sense of the “I AM”
  • Complete connection with Source
  • Faster manifesting ability
  • Better and stronger overall health (metabolism, immune system etc)
  • Family genetic codes and templates healed
  • Increased love of self And others
  • And so much more!!!

Note that all of this happens over a period of time. If this were to happen all at once we would become pure light, and without body. We still have a body, as we are bridges from the heavens to Earth. So, patience is necessary, this plane has time, therefore our physical bodies must follow the guidelines of time until our DNA reaches the point to where it does not. It is all a beautiful, enlightening journey.
If you’re interested in a DNA ACTIVATION go here.
If you’re interested in knowing more about it please go to our ABOUT page on this site!
Namaste beautiful beings

Pendulum Dowsing Reading-Core Issues and Answers: Family, Life, Spirituality, Work, Relationships ETC

With this dowsing session any questions can be asked and the answer will be in relation to the core issue and answer. This shows answers for ANY area of your life that you wish to find guidance about.

The chart used is connected with each persons astrological chart individually, allowing true and accurate answers all the way down to past lives and deeply rooted psychological affects on our daily lives.

This reading can help you get to the root of anything, so that you may set forth on a new path with greater awareness of the issue or question and lead a better and more satisfactory life. This can give you answers on what to do, where something comes from, what the real issue is of something and much much more.

Example questions that can be asked:

Where does my apprehension come from?

How can I find happiness?

What does my relationship bring?

Why is my financial state the way it is?

What can I do to evolve spiritually, or in any other area of my life?

What does my sadness, anger, fear etc come from?

These are just some examples of questions. Feel free to speak with psychic healer Cici upon purchase or email for any questions or concerns.

Psychic Impressions Reading


Psychic Impression reading allows the client to receive guidance for the present, answers for the future, awareness of the past and any other form of question the heart desires other than the questions not answered (info below). This service can help with guidance and insight into the future and my present or past issue or circumstance. It can give insight to spiritual enlightenment and gifts.

What to keep in mind: Know the law of attraction is always in action. One can receive and outcome of the future and still have it changed due to the thoughts, feelings and emotions we hold towards it whether we are aware of them or not. This can also be talked about with the psychic to help better figure out how to have the desired outcome.

Questions NOT answered by psychic Cici:

When will I (or someone else) die?

Am I pregnant? (or Any other pregnancy question)

Any question in regards to doing harm to anyone or anything.


Thank you for being on your path to self realization and mastery and searching for the light. If there are any questions and concerns please email

The Inner Essence Travels

Coming up on July and August the Inner Essence will be traveling to Egypt. Where the sacred and ancient sites will be visited and explored for various projects and tranformations. 

However, this does not mean that The Inner Essence will not still be doing readings and healings. This can be done by scheduling them, and this can be done by messaging via Facebook messenger or emailing or simply by purchasing a session here in the site. 

After the journey The Inner Essence will be posting and doing live Facebook videos on realizations, remembrances and learnings found. Stay tuned for all the magnificence! There is much to be seen and discovered in this unique journey. 

Much love 


The Inner Essence now has a YouTube channel that all which are not blogs are vlogs. Most of the messages being given to all will come in the form of videos now, so be sure to subscribe!

The videos are done by Facebook Livestream and can also be found on The Inner Essence’s facebook where free live tarot readings occur every  Monday as well.

Be sure not to miss out on the videos! Owner of The Inner Essence, Cici Chapman, channels messages, does healing rituals for the collective, provides resourceful information to get you to where your going and spreads truth and wisdom and more!  There will also be videos posted there by others of whom The Inner Essence collaborates with. There is a lot going on so be sure to check it out here.

Love and light to all the beings of this infinite universe!


Higher-Dimensional Tarot Readings

Tarot has been used for ages to find answers and insight to our lives. In almost all Tarot decks found there is only four suits with the elements of Air, Fire, Water and Earth, while also using man-made creations like swords and shields, this keeps our reading grounded in the Earth plane and in the third-dimensional existence, which is necessary for some but we are moving into a new age that has called for an expanded view of Tarot, one which incorporates the shift in consciousness that is occurring.

These readings include a rare Tarot deck that includes all the elements, including the missing one of Ether– spirit or Prana. Just like old teachings and stories in the bible were lost, so was the last suit/element of the Tarot, this is because religion decided only they would be teaching spirit. Without spirit there is no life, and the Tarot is incomplete.

These readings include images that are more nurturing and in alignment with nature, reflecting inner direction and higher dimensions, allowing our evolving consciousness to come at play. They are images of a multi-dimensional mind–of a mind focused on enlightenment–giving us access to seeing our lives with additional dimensions of higher states of consciousness.

The meanings in the readings will be slightly different because they are more in alignment with the divine masculine, the divine feminine, and sacred union. The added suit of Ether specifically addresses the higher vibrational gifts emerging with the shift through the activation of our DNA codes, our evolving crystalline structures and the awakening of our multi-dimensional beingness; bringing forth the concepts of telepathy, spontaneous healing, inter-dimensional travel, and transcendence to name a few.

These readings shatters the illusion of the third-dimensional paradigm and creates a gateway for the new story evolving in our fifth-dimensional (and beyond) reality. Giving us insight to our multi-dimensional gifts and possibilities; incorporating the greater understanding of alchemy and the Spiritual Laws of the Universe. This form of Tarot reading is a spiritual philosophy that helps us to see the sacredness of all that is on our journey through life and assists in the remembrance of our divine blueprint.

Upon receiving the reading an image of your reading will be provided so that it can be mediated on and the esoteric knowledge and codes can be downloaded into your consciousness. May your ever evolving journey be that of Divine and sacred love and unity.

Past Life Healing

​Past Life Healing is really crucial to moving forward in our Ascension process, developing our spiritual awareness, and living much more happier lives. Most come into this life carrying the weight of karmic debt, and unresolved self issues that deeply affect our lives.

When we feel like we are in viscous never-ending cycles of suffering, have pain or disease that never seem to heal or even sometimes can’t be diagnosed by a doctor, and we just simply feel like we are constantly held back by something we are unaware of it is most always tied into issues of past life chains and ties.

In receiving past life healing we receive instant healing due to the fact that it targets and takes us to the very root of many, many issues. It allows healing in all areas and aspects of our lives in all dimensions and planes. It is an intense release and brings a new start and a clean slate helping us to hold only the positive aspects and lessons from the experiences. Past life healing can heal past issues from previous lives as well as past traumas physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually in this life. This type of healing can remove ties and chains to events that block us from reaching our full potential in all things.

Past life healing is deeply personal and requires trust, so it is recommended that it be done through video chat through Facebook, Zoom App, or if another method is preferred it can be discussed and mentioned upon check out; if a certain event or other issue is of concern this should be mentioned as well. These sessions are typically 1 hour long, and the healing will continue and the amazing results progress throughout our entire lives.

Dowsing/Divining: Answers to Your Deepest Desired Questions

Divinity Dowsing or Divining is a scientific art that is used to bridge the gap between the analytical mind and the intuitive side of our being; it connect the physical with the  Divine. It was used in the 18th century to find water wells by the French and is now used for a plethora of reasons involving finding objects all the way to spiritual development.

The most common way of divining/dowsing today is using a pendulum. Dowsing with a pendulum is a natural and intuitive way to finding answers to questions; this is done by interpreting the movements of the pendulum. 

The pendulum is a powerful antenna that receives information from the energy and vibrational waves emitted by people, places, thoughts and things. Just like how radios pick up information from radio waves,

Albert Einstein, was known to perform impressive feats with such dowsing tools.  He believed that it had to do with electromagnetism: just as birds migrate following the earth’s magnetic field, dowsers react to energies that are unseen and still not fully understood. 

Dowsing is used for providing information, predicting the future, find missing objects or people anywhere in the world, seeking precise information, yes or no questions, astrology, how you should be in a certain situation, and even the weather on a certain day.

On this site we offer Divinity Dowsing/Divining (below)

Please note that as more charts and practices are used, they will be added as a service to the site. For now, The Inner Essence offers “yes, no, maybe, wrong question” sessions giving 1-8 questions for the session. (Find out more by going to the product below).



Reiki DNA Activation

DNA Activation and programming is a huge topic in this day in age between channelers, lightworkers, starseeds, and many others. This is because everyone is finally waking up in huge numbers. The New Earth of divine love is coming into fruition as we all begin to remember who we are and what we came here for. 

Not everyone has, and will take the path towards the light. However, for those who simply don’t know, that is where lightworkers and healers come in. 

Our DNA is a multidimensional double helix within our cells. DNA tells our bodies exactly what it needs to do. Its responsible for the construction of our body, and has data storage and communication. 10% is being used to build proteins while the rest is usually dormant. As scientist call it “junk DNA”. 

However, this DNA isn’t junk at all. This DNA is just simply misunderstood and isn’t being used because of our dense level of consciousness. 

We go through life with energetic blockages, which feel like chaos. We have depression, disease, anxiety, illness of all different kinds. This is caused by our environments, our foods, our conditioning and many other things. 

Reiki DNA Activation removes the blockages and allows us to become more receptive to the healing frequencies coming from the Divine. Reiki DNA reprograms the DNA blueprint to its original pure form a little at a time, (as all at once could cause more damage than good) until we embody our Divine selves. 

With this form of Reiki, it sends the Quantum Nutrients from the Divine and your Higher Self, shifting your DNA in alignment with your Higher self to reach full activation. Then it helps ground these higher frequencies into your body. Like connecting wires to equipment. 

This DNA activation is essential to the Ascension process. DNA activation brings joy, creativity, authentic self expression, and you move beyond limitation of the human form. It merges the left and right brain (which is how it is designed to be) connecting us with the abilites that have been dormant for decades. Such as: 

  • The “clairs” being activated — clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience etc. 
  • Astral projection 
  • Seeing into other dimensions 
  • Telepathy
  • Reverse aging 
  • Force Field – ability to use the aura for defense and protection.
  • The ability to manifest increases 
  • Biokinesis – ability to control genes in the body to alter your look.
  • Psychometry – to gain information by touching objects.
  • Telekinesis – ability to move things with your mind.
  • Bi-location – ability to be two places at once.
  • Etc. Etc. Etc. 

The list goes on and on! We are limitless multidimensional beings and when we are fully activated and aligned with our higher self we have limitless potential. However, those who come from a place of hate and power will NOT be able to receive this. Reiki DNA comes from a place of pure and divine love and negativity will only block our abilities. As that is what has blocked it in the first place. 

If you need help grounding your DNA freqencies being received or need help activating your DNA take a look in the SHOP section of this sight. If you need to know more, go to the ABOUT section. 
May we always be on the inner quest. Namaste ~~