Mundane Life Turned Spiritual

So, we the people of the spiritual community are still yet a part of the mundane world of the physical plane. Sometimes we wish to stay above in the higher dimensions and completely forget about being fully present where we are. This is because we have found more, beyond this planet and dimension and we got bored of being present on Earth.

Well, our whole purpose as human beings is to be bridges from the Divine to our Earth Mother and anchor in these higher frequencies and dimensions into this ever present moment, so as light workers, energy workers, and healers we may change this planet and raise it to those dimensions and consciousness we are always reaching for.

However, I know the mundane life can be frustrating when we have to do things that are still part of the system built on lies. The best thing about this is though, that we can bring the new earth of magic manifestation and peace by anchoring it into these activites and responsibilites. I have compiled a list of ways to turn the mundane world, spiritual on a daily basis so that we really get in between the cracks of this system and change everything. It all starts with the small things.

Washing dishes: What are these things we place what nourshes our physical existence on anyway? What kind of energy is placed into them on a daily basis? Good? Bad? Nothing at all? When we do dishes we usually go through the motions, or get sucked into our minds. However, whatever you are feeling and thinking does actually effect what you are doing and touching. So take this opportunity to give thanks for being able to have cooking utensils to heat your food to remove bacteria, and give a perfect flavor. Give thanks for your dinner plates for giving a place for you to effectively eat your food. This puts good energy into the plates that will then be felt and absorbed the next time they are used.

Cleaning house: Light a candle, burn some sage, and go to town. Not only are you cleaning the dust and trash, you are clearing out old and stagnant energy that doesn’t serve you anymore! If you’ve had a stressful week here in the 3D world, that negative energy can be pent up in the tight spaces that a messy house keeps. If you set the intention to make cleaning house a ritual to connect deeper to yourself, and finding peace it can be and it will last a lot longer on this plane. Its all about intention.

Showers/Baths: Whether its to your child, or yourself, showering and bathing can be quite magical! You can one, cleanse negativity and any blockages with the element of water and two, wash a golden light of healing and love over your entire body, literally! You just set the intention and do some visualization and you have made magic!

Making food: This is one of the most important things we do in the day. We are providing our physical bodies the necessary nourshment for vitality and comfortability on this plane. If you do dinner and you focus on what you need to do next, what has happened in the day, what ticked you off etc you are placing this energy into the food you are making. So try to be present. Take a moment to realize what you are doing IS something sacred. It really is divine. Use this moment to thank the earth for providing you the necessary nutrients for your temporary stay here. Be grateful to the food for taking care of your body, and thank your body for telling you when it needs nourishment! This places such wonderful energy and frequencies into your entire life!

This is only a few ways of many that life on this plane can be just as magical as life in the ethers. It takes self discipline and acceptance of this world, but once its done, the whole planet can change, one small step at a time. I hope that once you get started with what I have given you, you allow your soul to guide you through the rest. Happy Earthing my friends.

Benefits of DNA Activations 

The Inner Essence gives an amazing DNA Activation to those who seek it. There are many, many benefits to these activations and they are listed below:

  • Higher awareness
  • All psychic and spiritual abilites unlocked
  • Detox of toxins and old programming through generations
  • New, clean karmic slate
  • Reaching, accessing and entering higher dimensions
  • Increased senses
  • Complete chakra balance and realignment
  • Old behaviors and patterns released
  • Better sleeping patterns
  • Twin flame and/or soul mate patterns cleansed and healed
  • Faster cell reproduction and healing
  • Light codes entering your system and mind faster therefore ascending to higher consciousnesses faster
  • Greater sense of unity and oneness and love
  • True sense of the “I AM”
  • Complete connection with Source
  • Faster manifesting ability
  • Better and stronger overall health (metabolism, immune system etc)
  • Family genetic codes and templates healed
  • Increased love of self And others
  • And so much more!!!

Note that all of this happens over a period of time. If this were to happen all at once we would become pure light, and without body. We still have a body, as we are bridges from the heavens to Earth. So, patience is necessary, this plane has time, therefore our physical bodies must follow the guidelines of time until our DNA reaches the point to where it does not. It is all a beautiful, enlightening journey.
If you’re interested in a DNA ACTIVATION go here.
If you’re interested in knowing more about it please go to our ABOUT page on this site!
Namaste beautiful beings

Transformational Times 

Times of great transformation are taking place. The cosmos are growing stronger with the earth connection and if attention is paid we can see this. What is happening outside of ourselves is also happening within us and vise versa. 

We are going through a time now where the garbage and gunk are being cleaned up and out and turned into what serves humanity. Things may seem to never be going right, it may be a painful time. This is simply the caterpillar stage in cocoon to turn into a butterfly. We may feel trapped, and lost but this is only the seedling stage. 

It’s extremely important that we now focus on what matters and what we desire. To focus on the good. Is your soul leading you or your wound? Asking ourselves this question is important for spiritual growth, ascension and happiness. Which wolf are you feeding, the light or the dark? Are you able to find oneness, balance? 

Each experience of this time will be ever more unique. Every one of us is growing, and ascending in some way. Shifting our perspectives is key. We find we are the creators of our life when we make the choice and claim the role. We then create the lives we want. 

Let what goes, go. Let what is, be. Set your boundaries and stand your ground, but be compassionate and forgive. The collective is now going through the time of finding balance in all things. We are rising higher, and going deeper. Things may come up and things may happen that we don’t quite understand. Let them, love them, then release them. 

The lunar phases and planetary alignments are now affecting us even more during these transitional and transformational times. Activations are still taking place and now we are being guided to see the truth, accept it, and be the flow. These cosmic events take place every day and every month, pay attention to how your daily life is affected. 

Begin to accept the truth of what is and allow balance into your life. Remember that love is unity and unity is ALL. Know that this too, shall pass and the truth will set you free. 

Be gentle. Namaste 

The Inner Essence Travels

Coming up on July and August the Inner Essence will be traveling to Egypt. Where the sacred and ancient sites will be visited and explored for various projects and tranformations. 

However, this does not mean that The Inner Essence will not still be doing readings and healings. This can be done by scheduling them, and this can be done by messaging via Facebook messenger or emailing or simply by purchasing a session here in the site. 

After the journey The Inner Essence will be posting and doing live Facebook videos on realizations, remembrances and learnings found. Stay tuned for all the magnificence! There is much to be seen and discovered in this unique journey. 

Much love 

Channeled Message: Shifting Into Peace 

CHANNELED MESSAGE: On the Scorpio Full Moon 2017
The collective is going through massive release, ascension levels are high. We are releasing old, old patterns, behaviors, beliefs etc. We are igniting the flame within us to burn away what no longer serves us and what has caused us pain by conditioning and ego traps. We are releasing, releasing, releasing. 

The power struggles have been real this shift. Our egos are almost constantly being challenged, and everything around us is changing. The shift is no longer able to be ignored. There is no more hiding as we face ourselves head on seeing mirrors everywhere. Being almost forced to face our shadows and remain in love to break free of our own chains. 

Unity is coming about between all and balance is taking place. Where we see fire we must be the water. Where we feel the anger we must then be the love and compassion. Purging for all is big right now and it may cause distress, sadness, depression. Physical symptoms include: 

  • Headaches from higher chakra recallibration 
  • Hunger or non hunger from release 
  • Tiredness from our bodies adjusting and working to ground these light codes being received 
  • Random feelings of spaciousness and peace 
  • Random feelings of pain and irritation 
  • Feelings of noticable heat in the hands or anywhere the energy is being released 
  • Tingling feelings from activations 
  • Thirst from release  

The physical symptoms aren’t as frequent  as they have been with other shifts because this shift is affecting us emotionally and mentally more than any other one. We are facing all aspects of ourselves and bringing it to the light through what we see in others and what they bring out in us. We can choose to ignore this and never heal it or go within and do the healing to achieve peace and freedom. We need to use eagle perspective to see past situations. Use our discernement to see what a situation is really about. Be careful of those who will fight against the light and remain in your power of love. Protect yourself by asking your guides to do what is necessary for you to move through this process safely. 

We can expect light codes in high amounts at this time as the sun puts itself in place as a portal for these activations to be placed on earth for all humanity. Be gentle with yourself and be gentle with everyone that you are able. Keep going within. Keep searching and pushing forward. The light is there, you just have to find it. 
Love and light all

Collective Energies and Message 04/30/17

The time of being a victim is no longer. The Earth is experiencing GREAT changes. Healing energy and activations surround the entire globe now. We are all healing, every last one of us. Whatever is no longer necessary for the collective is being resolved and released. 

Our so called faults as humans are becoming our virtues. Humanity’s past does not equal to our beautiful future. We are all healers, we have all gone through hardships, and survived. We have been wounded and healed. We may have gone through challenging times but we are now healing on deep levels. Healing energies, energies of deep transformation and activations are happening and flowing into all of us NOW. Our strength lies in the difficulties that we have overcome.

All of our energetic systems are being activated. Our DNA is being surged with healing energy and being activated. We are becoming one with the divine. We are all asked to do the inner work necessary to life the veils and have self realization. 

We are about to experience a sudden burst of new-found energy. We can use these energies to put towards creative projects, or an activity we are involved with. This energy will help us, undoubtedly, get greater insights on our spiritual journey. Be prepared to experience these powerful activations which may being out sudden changes in sleeping patterns, eating habits, and areas of interest. Be open to where these activating and healing energies take you and we will experience discover new gifts that expand our sense of who we are and our place in the Universe. 

It is a good time to get involved in environmental projects, attaining to the changes occuring on our planet and connecting with others who are of the same vibration. Cleanse our chakras and connect to the planetary grid that connects all beings to embody and hold space for these energies to occur within your physical being. 

Great healing and great activations are happening. Be gentle with yourself, and know this is a great time of transformation for the highest good of all. Bask in the blissfulness of these changing times. Follow your heart and soul.

It’s only going to get better and better. 
Love to you, Namaste 💚

Grand Release, Let Go!

For the month of April we have experienced many, many different forms of planetary shifts, solar storms, geomagnetic storms etc etc that are working in our favor to aid in the ascension of human kind.

For the next month or so we are to expect immense release. There will be many people experiencing power struggles and the deflation of the ego once all is said and done. We are really getting into the deep, dark past and root of the issues that still affect us today. We may experience extremely uncomfortable emotions that seem low-vibratory.

These emotions that come up will be intense, remember that this is just release. Keep reminding yourself this is just release and release it. We will experience awareness of our old patterns and they will arise within us to be acknowledged and healed. Relationships may now especially end because we are letting go and losing interest it what is no longer in alignment with us.

There isn’t just hurricanes ahead. It is also a time of great, great awakening and stepping into our true and divine personal power. We are remembering. Remembering who we are, why we are here, what has kept us asleep for so long. Our egos are being transcended as we begin to lose grip on what we thought we had control of. Let it go. Release your need for power over others and begin to tap into the power that comes from love and unity.

We are fully releasing the old paradigm of power and shifting into the new paradigm of power.

We are receiving activations to further align us with our highest good and the good of all. Earth will continue to shift and change and raise in vibration just like we are.

Listen to your inner guide and allow yourself to be open to others as the universe speaks through us all. Learn from the past and release it. Stand in love and remain grounded. Listen to your body and listen to your heart. Let the old paradigm fall away and the new paradigm emerge. It is happening and it is happening now.

You are strong.

I love you


Hang On Tight! Shifts Are Happening! 

Today there was a huge event that happened with our Earth. 


Just a few hours ago, the natural frequency of our Earth, or the Schumann Resonance, hit it’s highest recorded value, ever. This is the natural heartbeat of our planet that all biological life entrains to.
Normally this frequency has hovered around 7-8Hz since it was discovered in 1953. Over the past couple years, it has been increasing. In 2014, it would start spiking to 14-16Hz on  certain days. Last year, we would see it hit 30-40Hz.
Today it shot up to 90Hz. “Yuuuge spike!”
Scientific analysis shows that our brainwaves will entrain to these frequencies. By definition, entrainment is “to draw along with or after oneself.” So essentially, the Earth is shifting higher, and drawing our minds along with it. 
Ironic that this spike was on the symbolic date of Easter. We are co-creatively resurrecting the Christ Consciousness upon our planet. 
That’s a pretty important thing, just wanted to let you know.”

Via Jayme Woodman from United Universal Lightworkers

With this extreme shift happening we can expect some amazing things happening!! Earth is changing her frequency to that of the crystalline earth we are entering. Which is one of pure state of love and harmony. With the Earth bringing us along with her on this journey we can expect: 

  • Manifesting to happen much more quickly. 
  • Ringing in the ears more frequently (listen!) 
  • Moments of lightness and bliss 
  • Ascension rapidly increasing 
  • Spiritual capabilities arising and growing 
  • Release, release, release 
  • The need for more water but less of an appetite 
  • Brain fog or acute awareness (depending on your own frequency)
  • Pure joy and bliss or boredom and sadness (again depends on your frequency)
  • “Aha” moments and more spiritual phenomena 
  •  Systems breaking that aren’t in alignment with the higher resonances (inside and out!) 

Be sure to rest and allow. Surrender to what is, and trust all is well. Take time to meditate and connect with this beautiful energy being given to us. Ground into the higher dimensional reality of the New Earth. 

We are all being reborn right now. 

Allow this deep transformation to occur. Allow the shifts to help you soar into oneness. What is on the other side is more beautiful than one can imagine. Just get through the crap, release what you no longer want or need, and embrace the lightness of this shift. Continue to go within. 

We can expect these shifts to happen all throughout 2017. They will only get better and better. Be ready for the ride of your lives. Stay centered and connect with Gaia and those around you. Know you are not alone with what you experience and do not resist any of it. We are being divinely guided and protected right now. 

Do what is necessary for your highest good and the highest good of all. Be true to you. Your soul is screaming now, listen to it! It is time. 

I love you. We are one. 

Namaste ~

Higher-Dimensional Tarot Readings

Tarot has been used for ages to find answers and insight to our lives. In almost all Tarot decks found there is only four suits with the elements of Air, Fire, Water and Earth, while also using man-made creations like swords and shields, this keeps our reading grounded in the Earth plane and in the third-dimensional existence, which is necessary for some but we are moving into a new age that has called for an expanded view of Tarot, one which incorporates the shift in consciousness that is occurring.

These readings include a rare Tarot deck that includes all the elements, including the missing one of Ether– spirit or Prana. Just like old teachings and stories in the bible were lost, so was the last suit/element of the Tarot, this is because religion decided only they would be teaching spirit. Without spirit there is no life, and the Tarot is incomplete.

These readings include images that are more nurturing and in alignment with nature, reflecting inner direction and higher dimensions, allowing our evolving consciousness to come at play. They are images of a multi-dimensional mind–of a mind focused on enlightenment–giving us access to seeing our lives with additional dimensions of higher states of consciousness.

The meanings in the readings will be slightly different because they are more in alignment with the divine masculine, the divine feminine, and sacred union. The added suit of Ether specifically addresses the higher vibrational gifts emerging with the shift through the activation of our DNA codes, our evolving crystalline structures and the awakening of our multi-dimensional beingness; bringing forth the concepts of telepathy, spontaneous healing, inter-dimensional travel, and transcendence to name a few.

These readings shatters the illusion of the third-dimensional paradigm and creates a gateway for the new story evolving in our fifth-dimensional (and beyond) reality. Giving us insight to our multi-dimensional gifts and possibilities; incorporating the greater understanding of alchemy and the Spiritual Laws of the Universe. This form of Tarot reading is a spiritual philosophy that helps us to see the sacredness of all that is on our journey through life and assists in the remembrance of our divine blueprint.

Upon receiving the reading an image of your reading will be provided so that it can be mediated on and the esoteric knowledge and codes can be downloaded into your consciousness. May your ever evolving journey be that of Divine and sacred love and unity.

See The Big Picture 

“You have to acknowledge that something is there before you can even touch it.”

This is something I had said during a conversation between me and my twin flame. When I said this I realised that I was being used by spirit as a channel at that moment and these words surprised me. They sent my mind on a roll and I have been guided to share just what this was. 

If we aren’t willing to acknowledge something we certainly aren’t going to touch it. This goes with everything. This goes with spirituality, ascension, chakras, enlightenment, pain, discomfort, truth etc. etc. We can go all our lives longing for these things and yet they feel out of reach. 

When we see an apple in front of us, we (usually) are able to see all of it. The curves, the color, the stem, the light parts of it and the dark parts of it, we see it all. In deciding to acknowledge the apple, we have been able to fully see it and we are able to then touch it. If we look at enlightenment, and we decide we only want to see some parts of it; the happiness, vitality, the “all-knowing potential”, and not the mistakes, the ugly truth, the cracking open of the wounds that are meant to be healed, then we can never fully touch enlightenment. 

This can be applied to literally anything. In order to be able to even touch something, we have to acknlowlege the whole of its existence. The good, the ugly, the bad, the happy. If you see half of the apple you are more than likely only going to eat half. It doesn’t mean that the other half of the apple isn’t there, it just means you are choosing to stay closed to it.  Allow yourself to open up to all possibilities and perspectives to fully acknowledge the whole of existence of what it is you seek. 

From here, touching, seeing, feeling it, is only the beginning. It just takes one small shift in perspective. One small decision to allow ourselves to see all aspects of what is, and then being able to fully grasp it and experience it. We will gain enlightenment, knowledge etc. And see that there is only more. A vast and limitless more to it all. 

See the big picture.

Love and light