Bitters Tincture Recipe

The gut and bitters. Two best friends that have been recognized for centuries as the keys to overall health and well-being. The gut is the source of many, many health issues known today and bitters have been the solution for centuries.

However, like all holistic and herbal knowledge it seems to remain hidden in the crevices of humanity and the main focus is on popping a pill, that only creates temporary relief, not solving the root issue.

Whenever the weather fluctuates and moves from season to season, if we don’t keep our health in check we will feel the affects of it. Since it’s soon to be spring, it’s time to kickstart, restart, and nourish our health with some of nature’s best but most neglected medicine, bitters.

Bitters help to improve digestion, relieve gas and bloating, end sugar cravings, improve nearly all skin conditions, improve our mood, give relief from chronic stress, prevent leaky gut, and deeply cleanse the body. They keep our gut and health in check.

With this being said, I’m offering a bitters tincture recipe so you can add plant medicine to your life, and live a life of more ease. With spring coming up, this will also help to prepare us for allergy season, and keep us on top of the game 😉

This recipe will make a tincture big enough to last yourself or your family for a season or two. To make it last longer, double or triple the entire recipe.

Bitters Tincture


Organic Burdock root

Organic Dandelion root

Organic Ginger root

Organic Fennel seed

100% pure 80-90 proof alcohol

12 oz glass jar

1. Fill your jar 1/2 to 2/3 full with equal parts of burdock root and dandelion root

2. Add one tablespoon ginger root

3. Add 1/2 tablespoon fennel seeds

4. Cover the rest of the way to fill the jar with the alcohol.

5. Set in a cool, dark area and shake daily. Let set for 4-6 weeks.

6. Strain herbs. Use one teaspoon of tincture daily. 🖤

There you have it! Your bitters tincture. May your gut lead the way to a healthier life ☀️💛

If you’re interested in me selling this tincture or other herbal bitters, please let me know! Otherwise, happy healing to all. 🙂

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