Beauty Products & Quality of Life

The beauty products here at The Inner Essence are far from what the media has taught us beauty products are meant for. Throw all your pre-conceived ideas and beliefs about beauty, makeup, skincare etc when coming to The Inner Essence. It’s not about being perfect, looking as young as you possibly can, catering to the needs and desires of others, focusing on outer beauty, etc.

Fuck all of that.

This is toxic, this thinking strips is of our divinity and causes us to give away our power. It causes us to disconnect from the sacred practice of taking care of our physical vessel because we have known deep down all along the media and big companies have been going about it all wrong.

It’s caused us to shame skincare and perfumery, to neglect our physical bodies, and thus disconnecting from our purpose, our presence, our passion and our full power.

Here, beauty products are made with love, alchemy and conscious intention to bring specific energy into your life through this alchemy to serve your highest good and soul purpose. The products here are not to make you some form of outer perfection that’s unattainable, they are created to help your entire being be nurtured, cared for, loved, protected and healed. They are created to help you enjoy this life on this planet and improve your quality of life even more. Quality, not quantity. The goal isn’t to live forever, it’s to enjoy and feel good while we are here.

When we feel at our best, and prepare the physical vessel and give it what it needs to help us fulfill our soul mission, then we can be at our top game and live by EXAMPLE for others. We can be truly happy, and comfortable. We can realize that life on earth is fucking glorious and a gift, once we connect with her and become present with our bodies. Once we nourish our temporary home that is our physical vessel and step away from all that is poisoning it.

Our bodies, allow us to be the bridges from the divine, to this planet. We are and always have been divine, but this physical experience is temporary. It’s a gift, and it can be magnificent if we work to create positive change in all aspects of our lives. Not just spiritually, but mentally, emotionally and physically. The full balance of the mind, body and spirit.

This is what is offered with every product and service here at The Inner Essence. We use these products to improve our quality of being, to connect to our divinity, to nourish our vessel, to take back our power in all aspects of existence.

With every Elixir taken, every healing received, every Butter lathered on, we reconnect to all we are meant to be, we call our power back from the media, from the beauty industries, from the system itself. We say yes to conscious living and natural ways of living. We say yes to self love. We say yes to inner power. We say yes to our purpose. Most of all, we develop a deep, loving relationship with the physical body that has been with us all our life, and will continue to be with us until it’s time for it to return back to earth, and we go home.

The purpose for each product and service I offer here, is to bring us all back to The Inner Essence that is within.

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