Ascending to the 4-5th Densities, and 5D!

The Earth is finally going through a major transformation and shift. This is something that is long over due, yet right on time. Things are picking up pace and having dramatic effects on everyone and everything. The Earth as we know it is transitioning and ascending to the 4th and 5th Densities and changing into a 5th Dimensional habitat.

Now, this is not something that is new. The Earth has been trying to make this change but because the Earth and our energies are one, this has not been able to occur. Our consciousness on Earth has been scattered and stuck, which has been holding it back. As we all live on different conscious planes and densities,  this has caused the Earth to stay stagnant in her position in the 3D world. The key here is to unify so that not only can we transition with the Earth but we speed the process up and make a full transition into the 5D.

The Dimensions and Densities

1-Dimensional Existence:  A point, no length or width.

2-Dimensional Existence:    A line, length only.

3-Dimensional Existence:  Length, Width, but no depth or thickness, like a piece of paper but without any depth. 

4-Dimensional existence  Length, Width, Depth and linear time or duration. 

5-Dimensional Existence:  Time is not linear. You can go forward and back in time, perceiving multiple realities, and manifest your reality consciously. 

More in the photo below.

These types of shifts has been happening since the beginning of time. Being humans, these upgrades and points of ascension have not happened all at once. This is because the effects of these shifts are extremely high in energy, it would kill the physical body to take it all in at once. The process has been slow and “gentle”. The fact that most choose not to ascend with the Earth (which causes the Earth and everything around us to fall out of alignment) has caused the Earth to create chaos. Such as hurricanes, earth quakes, etc.

Now, the Earth and all being involved in the Ascension of the Earth are no longer waiting for human beings to shift. Either you’re in or you’re out. You’re on board or you’re off-board, literally if you look at the Earth as a ship.

This isn’t something to be afraid of what so ever. Those who choose to continue to descend will reincarnate elsewhere to continue on their path and live out their 3D experience. Those who choose to ascend will be transitioning with the Earth.

The most important thing in being a part of this shift is becoming a positively polarized person. Raising our frequency to the highest vibration of love. In the 5D Earth, those with higher frequencies are of service to self and others equally balanced in divine unconditional love. Negativity will be much harder to reach once someone has chosen to move into the 4th and 5Th Densities. There will be negativity, but it will be a conscious choice, rather than being controlled by it. We will be living on a non-linear time continuum, where literally anything you can imagine is possible.

Successfully ascending to the 4-5th densities, and 5D

There has been waves of higher dimensional beings that have come to assist the Earth in this transition. Known as wanderers, light workers etc. We have come here to help expand the consciousness and vibration of others. We are here to get as many people as we can on board in this transition. We are here to help everyone realize that we really are the ones we have been waiting for. It is up to every individual to make a choice and make a change.

To ensure you are part of the shift, you must raise your vibrations and activate your DNA to vibrate at the highest frequency of love. Some will and some won’t because they are simply not ready. Make the choice!

If you need guidance and assistance in this process, you can purchase a Reiki DNA Activation from me and this will bring the Ascension energies into your body, ground them, and activate all your DNA so you can successfully and quickly yet gently transition into the New Earth of 5D consciousness. If you feel like you are a part of this process and want to be of service to others this is also a great start to activate all your unique spiritual gifts.

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