My name is Cici Chapman. I am a micropreneur business owner and founder of The Inner Essence. I’m a certified and dedicated Reiki Master Teacher, Ancient Healing Modalities Practitioner, Herbalist and much more — I am also currently on my way to getting my degrees in Business and Psychology.

Along with these practices I work passionately with individuals to bring them back home to their true and healthy nature, I work closely with plants and the natural world to bring everyone the best high quality plant remedies that are vegan, toxin free, handmade and organic!

My goal is to help heal the world, and create peace and happiness wherever and as much as I can. I hope to reach as many people as I can. The Inner Essence is my way of doing so.

Through The Inner Essence, I provide holistic healing to all people. Working with individuals through social sciences, herbalism, and ancient healing techniques to restore happiness and wholeness from within. At The Inner Essence, social science and holistic health come together to bring health and happiness to each individual, thus creating a happier, healthier more harmonious world starting with each individual themselves. One person at a time, we will create a happier, more harmonious world, together.

The Inner Essence is currently home made, and always handmade. All products are created here in my sacred space, and all services are provided at a distance, or in person here in my home. Everything is created through alchemical and sacred ritual and meditation with love and care in small batches for each individual person. Everything is done myself, and from my heart and home to yours. My goals for The Inner Essence go beyond my home, and out into the world into a public shop. All my efforts and everything I do is to better myself and The Inner Essence to bring healing and be of greater service to the world.

Since my birth I have been what could be called a healer. Throughout life, going through studies and lessons, attunements and activations, I became a Master healer, manifestor/alchemist and intuitive.  My journey led me through to learning herbalism and working with the medicine nature provides.

My past of addiction, abuse, and mental illness transformed into a life of great empowerment, healing and purpose where I work with everything I’ve learned from these struggles, and channel them with what I feel to be divine love, to bring healing, love, liberation and transformation to all beings. I’ve been through an entire spectrum of trauma and wounds that allow me to empathize and show the world a better way. To assist in leading others to their innate greatness and to take our power back into our own hands and live out our purpose and/or passion to its highest potential.

I work closely with nature to bring you the best plant remedies and plant based skincare. Each ingredient sourced directly from nature, which I then apply sacred alchemy to create each product in hopes to add to the health and well-being of each individual and connect us with our divine human nature, and the unique gifts within us, in our multi-faceted existence.

Even if you don’t believe in all the spirituality of things, I hope you will find some benefit in what I provide! I’m here in service to you. I am honored to be a part of your existence and time here, I hope to be of benefit to you on your journey here through The Inner Essence.

On all The Inner Essence products you will see, organically made, natural, vegan, non-toxic and no b.s.!

But, what does “No B.S.” mean?

It means that there is literally nothing other than what is mentioned in the product. Meaning no hidden chemicals, no covered up toxins, no animal no bi products, no sulfates, no parabens, no preservatives, no emulsifiers, no ingredients that nature didn’t make!

I am very passionate about living the most natural, healthy life I can live, as well as being passionate about living in a way that is in service to ALL beings. No animals needed what so ever for the products, and no need to (slowly but surely) poison us humans!

All products have instructions and disclaimers and a time frame to use them if needed for ingredients that expire sooner.

I don’t know about you, but I love knowing exactly what is put into my products, my food, etc. I check all labels of just about everything and when I find out something is not good, and even toxic or it was even lied about by a company, then I become very disappointed, saddened and never use or buy it again.

I’m a big believer that nature knows exactly what she is doing, and I know, have seen, and experienced along with many others who use my products that she provides everything we need. With over 10,000 plants that can be consumed, and used for their medicinal benefits, it’s hard to not get everything we need (unless it’s not openly offered in stores, which it’s not)!

I create the products that I do as an effort for everyone to join me on a super natural (more natural than natural products) organically made, and holistic way of living. Conscious products take you to where you want to be, and give you what you’re looking for. Without any of the unnecessary extra BS!

So, you can trust that the ingredients that are mentioned, are what’s In the products, and all the extra ingredients are left out. It is simply not necessary!

You can grab some no b.s. skincare, hair care, overall body and wellbeing and metaphysical products in the shop!

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