12 Chakra System 

Chakra cleansing, balancing, clearing and activating is so important on our Ascension path. Chakra means Wheel of Energy and they are doorways for our Life Force Energy. Each Chakra has its own color, frequency and with the 7 Chakras, a bodily gland. When they are open it allows for the flow of Life Force Energy or Ch’i to flow through freely, allowing us to be connected with our inner and outer worlds, be healed on deep levels, and have overall spiritual, mental, and physical well-being.

The 12 Chakra System

Many of you are familiar with the 3D 7 Chakra System. However, we have a 12 Chakra System that brings us into alignment with the 5D and 6D world.

Unfortunately, after the end of the Atlantis era, the 5 out of 12 main Chakras closed. That is because the Earth shifted its vibration to 3rd dimension from 5th and 6th or the higher dimensions. In order to ascend to the higher dimensions we need to activate all the 12 Chakras including the 5 deactivated ones. Though we have thousands of minor Chakras, these Chakras are the main Chakras of the system. It is important to remember to open all 7 Chakras before trying to open the other Chakras.
Chakras can be opened through Reiki Energy Healing, Crystal Healing, and meditation. The most effective way is through Reiki and Energy Healing.

In this post I’m going to explain all 12 chakra functions.

Chakra 0- The Earth Star Chakra
Archangel: Sandalphon
15CM This Chakra is Grey and is your own individual link to the Earth’s life force, to the crystalline grid, and to the Divine light contained within the Earth. It connects us to our nature awareness and all that is.

Chakra 1- Root Chakra
Archangel: Gabriel
Located at the base of our spine. This Chakra controls mental and physical strength. This Chakra is normally red, but when in 5D the color is platinum. This grounds us in reality and keeps us connected into our physical body, and provides us with trust that the Universe gives us all we need.

Chakra 2- Sacral Chakra
Archangel: Gabriel
This Chakra is between The Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakra. This Chakra is Iridescent Pink and located in our lower abdomen. This connects us to everyone around us, and the oneness of all. Emotions, new ideas, reproductive organs, and the cords to our relationships reside here. When this Chakra is cleared our relationships are free and happy and we experience Higher Love.

Chakra 2- Navel Chakra
Archangel: Gabriel
This Chakra is located under the belly button and in our sacrum. This color is a bright orange. It deals with creativity, relationships, passions, pleasures, and lessons of learning to let go.

Chakra 3-Solar Plexus Chakra
Archangel: Uriel
This Chakra is located in our solar plexus. This Chakra is normally yellow but when in 5D is golden. This Chakra has to do with our will power, and connection to the wisdom of all that gained through our lives and all that is. Our emotions reside here. This also deals with digestion and our skin.

Chakra 4- Heart Chakra
Archangel: Chamuel
Located in our heart center, the center of our being. Normally Green but when in 5D Pink and white light. This Chakra is where the physical and spiritual meet. When this chakra is open we have love and compassion. We are in tune with our own emotions as well as others, causing us to be empathetic. This Chakra is a sacred portal to the Divine Love and Angel realms, giving us access to our higher energetic centers.

Chakra 5- Throat Chakra
Archangel: Micheal
This Chakra is located in our throat, associated with the thyroid gland. Normally sky blue, but when in 5D royal blue. This Chakra has to do with our self-expression, our own divine truth, listening, and communication with everything.

Chakra 6- Third Eye Chakra
Archangel: Raphael
This Chakra is located in the middle of our brain and is associated with our pineal gland. This Chakra is normally indigo but when in 5D is a crystal clear ball. This Chakra has to do with inution and insight. It sees beyond the psychic realm and governs our psychic abilities and awarness. Learning, memory, telepathy, clairvoyance, mediumship, aura sensing, are all ruled by the third eye chakra. As well as our ability to manifest our reality.

Chakra 7- Crown Chakra
Archangel: Jophiel
This Chakra is located at the crown/top of our head. This Chakra connects us to the higher spiritual realms and allows us to receive the light codes from the divine. This Chakra is Purple or White. It allows us to be connected with the Divine and our higher purpose, is the chakra that leads to enlightenment.

Chakra 8- Causal Chakra
Archangel: Christiel
Located 8-10CM behind the centre back of the head, and the color is pure white light. This is where we connect with the spiritual world and angelic frequencies, here we access the secrets of deep peace and eternal life. This is where divine feminine energy resides.
Chakra 9-Soul Star Chakra
Archangel: Mariel
This Chakra is located 6 inches above our head. The color of this Chakra is pure bright pink. This Chakra is known as the seat of our soul and it holds all of the full essence and power of our accumulated soul experiences. Here is where we can truly feel the Divine love and gives us access to higher consciousness and all of our spiritual gifts.

Chakra 10 (#12)- Stellar Gateway Chakra
Archangel: Metatron
Located 30 CM above our head, this chakra is the gateway to all of our higher self wisdom and is golden orange. It is the Antahkarana bridge. Our bridge to Source.



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