​Healing For Empaths (and non empaths)

Everyone has empathic abilities. However, some are incredibly in tune with these abilities their whole lives rather than them being hidden and blocked as we get older because of conditioning and 3D matrix beliefs. Growing up I was extremely in tune with these abilities, they were always with me and not being fully aware and stuck in the matrix I used all the things that I had believed would help, thought something was wrong with me so I did what I could to get rid of this. Then, I had a huge awakening. 
Of course this had to happen so that I can be here today, helping all others in this way. Once I realized just what was going on and what an incredible gift I had, I had to learn to cope with all the energy I had coming at me as I was simply trying to just get rid of it. 
As Empaths, we take on the energy of people, places and things. This is a gift because it allows us to actually feel the oneness of everything. It can be a burden if we don’t properly take care of ourselves causing us to want to run away, hide, get exhausted, weak, sick, depressed, and even (at the lowest density point) suicidal. 
In this article I’m going to give ways on how I cope and clear and remain balanced in all the chaos as an empath. These tools can be used by Empaths and those who aren’t. As we are all going through ascension symptoms in this time it is actually highly advised that EVERYONE uses these tools to help us remain centered as the higher frequencies are being given to us. 
This is the most important thing we all can do for a plethora of reasons. When we feel overwhelmed by emotions and ungrounded, meditation can help us release negativity and the emotions that are not serving us. It will ground and center us so that we can continue to strengthen our ability to tap into our inner power. With this inner power connection we will be able to filter emotions without struggle, and keep our vibrations high enough so that negative energies can no longer phase us. This can be 10 breaths, or an hour of meditation. Whatever works for you. 
Drinking Water 
Believe it or not this works miracles. Clean, non-fluoride drinking water will help to release all toxins from our bodies faster than anything else. Adding lemons helps to alkalize the water for best results. Emotions and energy manifests itself in the body. When we get built up emotions, they will create physical blocks. Drinking Water flushes these blocks out allowing our energy to flow. Not to mention we are mostly water, and we need to stay hydrated as our bodies work to process the energies and emotions. 
Salt Baths 
This one was recommended to me by a friend in my soul group. It has been a life saver for me. Epsom Salt, sea salt, or Himalayan salt works all the same. Adding it to your bath cleanses your aura and strengthens it. It helps clear our solar plexus where all emotions reside. 
This can be done with sage, Palo Santo sticks, or incense. It is common to smudge our homes but when we smudge ourselves this completely wipes out any negative energy in the aura and the other energy fields. 
As a reiki master I have found reiki to be the most effective way of completely cleansing, aligning, and balancing all parts of our beings. Reiki flows through all fields of the body and heals what needs to be healed. You can message me on this page If you are interested in becoming a reiki practitioner or would like a Reiki healing. 

If you don’t know what reiki is check out the About page here www.theinneressence.net
High Vibrational Foods 
If we eat food that comes straight from the earth, they hold a  very high frequency. As everything is energy, including us, keeping our vibration up is key to remaining strong in our abilities and connected to source. High vibe foods help us regenerate and  heal faster in every way. 
Essential Oils
Essential oils are used to have a natural way of cleansing and purifying the air all the while smelling amazing. These oils I personally like to place in the bath, but if they are natural they can even be consumed and placed in food or water. Lavender helps to purify all the chakras. Rose cleanses and keeps away negative energy. Lemon purifies. Eucalyptus energizes and cleanses. Mhyrr energies the spirit. Chamomile relaxes. There are a ton of different essential oils and their uses can be found on the internet.
Talking It Out
Not only does this clear our throat chakra, it allows all of our unnecessary baggage to be cleared out. You can pray, write it down, or talk to someone you trust about how you feel. Words carry our emotions and sometimes it’s the best way to clear out the funk. 
Staying Away From Negativity 
Whether it’s from the media or every day people we encounter, negativity is a no go if we want to stay high vibe and feeling clear. Staying away from negativity and taking the “risks” to do so, is worth it as we work to lead happier lives.  If you’re an empath,and you’re unaware, you will take on this negativity and it will deplete your energy worse than anything else. Stay away from unnecessary arguments, the news, and negative people. Cutting these cords is an act of self love. Self love is the highest vibration there is.
Doing these daily has proved to keep me cleansed, balanced, and centered. I hope they work for you too!
If you have any methods of helping to cleanse, balance and ground your energy feel free to mention them! We all have been at the point of not knowing what to do. Feel free to comment on these methods.

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