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Welcome to The Inner Essence, a business of holistic health and healing.

Here at The Inner Essence you will find many offerings:

  • blog posts on various holistic health and healing, science and many other topics
  • energy healings through ancient techniques
  • spiritual and holistic guidance
  • pure, handmade, plant-based products
  • and many other products and services!

There is something for everyone, just go take a look at the shop and see what fulfills your desires and needs at this time! Each product and service is made and offered as a culmination of a variety of certifications, knowledge and experience through myself Cici Chapman, owner and founder, to assist you on your journey through self love, self discovery, and conscious living.

All products are vegan, natural, organically made, chemical-free, handmade, and currently home made. They are also created sustainably and ethically.  Everything is designed, handmade, packed up, shipped out with pure  loving intention by myself.

My goal for the long run is to leave this world a whole lot better than when I got here, within the website, and also outside of it. To find out more about The Inner Essence and I,  go to the About page.

I am happy to have you here, with us and apart of this journey on our mother planet. Thank you for being here with me, existing, playing your part in the whole of existence, and thank you for stopping by and supporting my little shop.


Here is a Facebook Group to share YOUR truth, free of judgment and with safety, as well as even being able to share your own products/services if you have a business of your own …go to the Facebook Group Page.

Check out The Inner Essence Instagram @theinneressence and find The Inner Essence on Facebook!

The Inner Essence is working to continually bring more things that are of service to all here in this site! If there are any questions you may have, they can more than likely be answered by going to the About page, however if this is not so, please feel free to email coachcici16@gmail.com

24 thoughts on “Home

  1. Carol says:

    Hi my name is Carol my nephew died 3yrs ago i still struggle day to day from his death i just would like to know if he is at peace and is ok i love and miss him every minute of the day

  2. William Mike Woody says:

    I am feeling truly blessed to have to have found a place where I can begin a new adventure at a time when I was so close to giving up on I’ve struggled the last 15 years with unbearable pain, depression anguish, hopelessness searching for a way out of my mind to find shelter, safety and some purpose, an inner peace, a sense of worth in myself. Hearing you speak of all the good that we all have within, and sadly overlook, has given me hope that my faults can be forgiven and I may find the inner peace I so desperately need.. I believe through you and your group I will find my way, and my purpose I was drawn to you and thank God for his guidance today the sadness that filled my heart, has been replaced with joy and laughter show me the way. God bless you and keep you for all time to come Mike

  3. Ale TGL says:

    Hi! After a couple of live sessions you have shared on Facebook which I have loved, I came to visit your site. Thank you for creating this space and must of all to share your energy, love and experiences.
    Namaste 🙂

  4. Lisa says:

    Hi, my name is Lisa, I watched you live, and would like a reading. In refe of my son’s death, and the wake money that was stolen out of my bag. I have been told my son is at peace, the same psychic among many other things told me he was able to see the license plate and the person face driving the 18 wheeler. He was using me and my son’s death to promote this internet tv program, called strongisland. Very upset everyday, I wake up gasping for air. I would appreciate your help very much thank you in advance

  5. Anthea Janet Olmesdahl says:

    Hi please could you give me some guidance. İ cannot get over my ex. Still LOVE him and miss him every day. It will be there years on the 17th january 2018. We were together for 33 years.
    Do you see me meeting someone ever. I really am not slightly interested because I am afraid of being hurt.
    Much LOVE. Thank you.

    • Cici says:

      Hey Anthea! For readings please go to the store sections of the site and choose a reading that would best suit you, best of wishes!

      The Inner Essence

  6. Sheila Odom says:

    Cici, Thank you so much for everything you have done. I haven’t been disappointed in any product or service I have tried. I will recommend you to everyone I can. The Implant Removal has been amazing, everyone should have this done if they haven’t already. Thank you so much. Sheila

  7. Miguelina jimenez says:

    Does anyone here, know anything about PYRAMID ENERGY, and how DNA can be affected and is it like a main source of energy that is crucial to our chakras???

    • Cici says:

      Hey Miguelina! The pyramid healing is something I was attuned to on my trip to Egypt. It is something that isn’t in the shop at this time however I am happy to discuss it. As for the DNA Activation, the information on this can be found in the About page of this website, and also in the DNA Activation listing in the shop. I am also happy to answer any questions you have feel free to email me at coachcici16@gmail.com

  8. Bobbi Jo RodriguezMichalski says:

    I recieved my order today and I’m in love these products are so wonderful they work amazingly hair nectar makes my hair soft ad silk and the lotions are perfect for any ass nd all skin types tattoos look glowingly new! I love all the products am putting in another order I’m very pleased with the products! They smell amazing and make me feel happy joyful and renewed. Love love love ! Check these out or you’ll never know whst you’re missing I ordered like 6 things and I’m very happy ordering more her products are made from pure love you can feel it. Lots of light And good energy in her work. Keep it up you’re spreading love everyday thank you very much for being YOU!

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